The Truth About Men!

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So far this week we've chatted about Readiness vs Time Passed and the engagement process and we came to some interesting conclusions..

1. Once a certain amount of time passes if your man hasn't made the move to take it all the way and marry you, he's just not interested in being married period or marrying you in the question becomes is this really a bad thing? Its only a bad thing if the woman actually wants to be married, for women who are happy just in a relationship this situation is perfect for them...(I guess we can then ask are there women out there who truly just want a long term relationship only but don't want to ever be married?) I mean I'm sure they exist, somewhere in the world, like Timbuktu or something.

2. If you bring up the topic of marriage 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 years in and he still avoids it like the plague, gives you excuses of not being ready, excuses of not having enough money, excuses, excuses, excuses, understand that he is probably just telling you what it is, but instead of saying he's not ready he should really be saying I'm not interested at this time. Why buy the cow, when free milk is ooooh so mmmmh mmmmmh good. In a woman's mind saying your not ready makes her think ok thats only for right now.. but you'll be ready soon, so she's waiting for you to "Get Ready".. but most men who say they aren't ready aren't saying it with the intentions of getting ready, they are saying it to be left alone about the subject.

Now if you're a woman who wants to get married and he knew from day one that you eventually wanted to get married and now you are sitting getting pretty impatiently waiting for him to marry you, while he stalls understand this.. You were clear with your intentions from jump, DO NOT feel bad or guilty when he asks you whats the rush, you did nothing wrong. The rush is I told you my goal from the beginning and if my goal was not your goal then you should have said so, so I could make a conscious choice of still wanting to deal with you or you should have never continued to pursue me in the first place........ if you point this out and he still has excuses.. well then we all know you have 2 choices, sit and wait while hoping for the best, or pack up and go before another 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 years pass you by..

3. He finally put a ring on it but that was 5 years ago.. ummm... take the ring off.. nuff said.

The truth about men is that most of them are not afraid to commit to who they consider the right woman to be...don't confuse that with being a good woman.... you are fabulous my darling.. and you do your thing, but you could just not be the right one for him.. Men are definitely afraid to commit if they aren't sure about you or if they aren't sure about themselves..  So if you feel like you have to always twist his arm just cut your losses and move on... Tis better to have no man than the unsure man...

Miss Carrie Pink
Modern Day Supergirl


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