Vote For Me ALL WEEK LONG!!!!!

Goood Morning Family!!!!

Yes I know I've been quiet for a while but there is always good action going on behind the scenes!

I'm a finalist for the 2010 WEEN Scholarship in the Community Service category!!!!! YAY!

All my work for Pretty World Inc is about to move to a new level if I become one of the top 4 voted!!The $1000 stipend will help expand my reach for Pretty World Inc and have more people become aware of our existence!

As you all know over the past 2 years Pretty World Inc has done a number of social events, seminars and workshops for those looking to cultivate their own personal roadmap to success. We've also provided mentoring and motivational talks to over12 New York City and State Public High Schools and Colleges.

In the coming year you can expecty to see us continue our efforts and grow and expand

WEEN is the Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network and I submitted a video to be considered for their 2010 scholarship, there were three categories, educational scholarships for students, entrepreneur scholarships and community service project scholarships. Honestly I could have fallen into 2 out of 3 categories ; )

If I win I get to attend the 2010 WEEN Awards here in NYC September 2nd!

So now this is the part where you all come in! They are doing this American Idol Style, so come on America VOTE FOR ME!!!! : )


You can vote as MANY times as you'd like until Thursday!!!!!!! So let's get it in!!!!

Ready, Set, GO!

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl


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