Small Victory in the WAR on Racial Profiling!

Yes there's been a victory in the war on racial profiling thanks to Governor Patterson!

He passed a bill last week limiting the Stop-Frisk database!

Last year alone, the New York Police Department stopped 575,304 people, 90% of whom were BLACK and HISPANIC MEN, and recorded their names, addresses and descriptions into an electronic database.


The stops are based on a standard of reasonable suspicion, (which we all know is bogus, what makes balcks and hispanics more suspicious?) lower than the standard of probable cause needed to justify an arrest. Only about 6 percent of those stopped are arrested. That's 1 our of every 2,000!!!!! That is not enough to consider it justifiable.

70,000 of the men stopped and frisked were all within ONE PREDOMINATELY BLACK neighborhood in Brooklyn, which they did not mention on the radio.

Governor Patterson talked about how Police Commissioner Ray Kelly asked him not to sign the bill and that the database helped them apprehend future criminals... WTF?? Does this even sound right?

Let me store your name and your fingerprints just in case you commit a crime , really commissioner?

I'm glad that this bill was passed and we all need to stop and think about if Governer Patterson was not in office and Governor Spitzer was still installed WOULD THIS BILL HAVE PASSED??

Probably NOT.

Governor Patterson spoke about his experience with the Police as the reason for passing the bill, said he himself had been personally stopped and frisked 3 times in his life and 2 out of the 3 times although he hadn't committed any crimes, the officers made him feel LIKE HE DID!

He said he knows that the young men who are being stopped in these random frisks are for the most part having negative experiences the same way he has and thats why maintaining the database is unnecessary. It's already a negative experience, you find them innocent, and now you want to keep their info for future reference????

If this isn't enough to make you get out there and vote in EVERY election from the bottom, NOT JUST Presidential I just don't know what will. This issue never hit OBAMA's desk and never will.

We need to be represented in the powers that be ON THE LOCAL LEVEL and GET TO KNOW THEM to make movements that improve our experience.

It is because of ASSEMBLYMAN HAKEEM JEFFRIES OF BROOKLYN and SENATOR ERIC ADAMS of BROOKLYN that this bill even made it to Governor Patterson's desk!!!!!! Brooklynites do you know who these men are???? NO, you need to google them ASAP, go to their offices, meet them! THEY ARE IN THE COMMUNITY FOR YOU!!!!!!!

Do you think Elliot Spitzer would have signed this bill??? Something to think about, who's in office DOES AFFECT YOU!

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl

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