Karma: That B*#$% No One Wants to Meet!

Photo Credit: Karma, a new film by Tom Roarty, © 2006 CrookedEye Productions.

We have all heard her name... we even threaten people with her presence when they do us wrong!

But why is Karma such a B*#$%???

Throughout our lives we all make choices, some choices are good and benefit not only us but others as well.. then some choices are good for us only and no one else benefits, in fact others may even be hurt unintentionally by our invidually good choices..

But it seems to me when we intentially engage in choices that hurt others thats when that b*#%$ Karma shows up uninvited.

Karma is a pretty ruthless ass b*$#& who gets you back for all your foul ish, no matter how miniscule you may think your deed was.

Remember that day you let the door close on that old lady? Surely Karma is coming to return the favor to you... then you may say, "See! People are soo rude, thats why I never hold the door for anyone!" and that b*#$% Karma keeps coming back to have the door slammed in your face, the train doors close on you, the bus pull away in the rain on you, over and over again...

Funny though, because once most people get a taste of their own medicine, hand delivered by that b*#$% Karma they are the first ones acting like they even hurt a fly and don't deserve all this misfortune...Amensia is quite common in humans, we all forget the people we shafted, the times we were jerks and, took the Me, Myself, and I mantra a little too literally..

Then just when we think we've escaped and gotton away with stealing candy from a baby, the 401ks of baby boomers, or the wheels off someone's BMW... when we are all nice and comfty enjoying the fruits of our sometimes downright deceitful labor.. here comes Karma saundering in... What a b*$#%! Her memory never fails.. she drinks ginseng.

She's that mama who doesn't quit waxing that ass until you promise to live on the straight and narrow forever lol but of course there are some of us, hardheaded geniuses, who no matter how many lectures, or whuppings we get from her, we just keep on keeping on..You see Karma so often she just sleeps in your bed at night, cause she knows she has a full day of WORK with you in the morning..

So how do you get rid of her?? You'll hear people say, it's all about your energy, whatever you put out there in the universe good or bad eventually bounces back like a boomerang and hits you right in the ass, thats great if you spit out good, awful if you spit out bad,  but you don't have to take my word for it.. just ask Bernie Madoff, The Enron Dudes, the EMT guy who didn't help the pregnant lady because he was on break...we all reap what we sow, and most times we reap it worse than we sow it.

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl


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