Too Comfortable in Your Comfort Zone?

Do you exit your comfort zone consistently? Are you afraid to do so?

What’s stopping you from leaving your comfort zone? A significant other? Family? Friends? Fear of failure, embarrassment, rejection?

Unless you begin an HONEST question and answer session with yourself you won’t know just how comfortable you really are.

Uncomfortable feelings can feel chaotic. It’s like everything is moving at 1000 MPH, but really nothing is changing at all, you are just getting better and better at knowing you understanding you, displaying the talents of you, improving you. So in fact everything else is staying the same and will continue to stay the same, the only thing that's changes when you step outside of your comfort zone is you : ) That's not so scary after all.

Although it doesn’t always feel good, this is good! Every great person has encountered all sorts of hardship on the way to greatness. Of course it’s one thing to read about it and another thing to experience it.

Being uncomfortable for a long period is the ultimate blessing, not punishment. I’m always changing and am well aware of it. At times it feels great, other times it’s not so great. It is what is, but I know in the end I will be BETTER than I was when I started changing.

First leave the ego behind. This has to be the single most uncomfortable thing for most people. To invite change into your life you first have to recognize that change is good, you have to recognize that there is room for you to be better than you are today, you have to recognize that you are NOT really at the top of your game.

When everything feels too easy, that probably means it is and you aren't challenging yourself out of your comfort zone! Sit back and swallow your pride. It's best to do when you are in a calm, confident state of mind. When the shit hits the fan it’s already too late. Its a whole different type of gig. An agitated mind is a difficult opponent. Letting go of feelings when the world seems to already be against you is difficult. It takes paramount effort to embrace your emotions and release them at that time. You must put your full effort into letting go old, worn out feelings for new fresh ones. This is not fun nor enjoyable but it’s part of the process to being a better YOU!

I’ve never been more uncomfortable in my life than I am right now but guess what? I signed up for this gig. I’m willing to own my feelings, continue to let my ego bitch and moan, and progress to places no one ever thought possible for me, except for me.

How much time do you spend outside of your comfort zone? It's time you take a walk in the world of the uncomfortable!!

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