Teen Pregnancy and the bcp question..

Teen Pregnancy and teen abortion rates are UP for the first time in 10 years.... Our beloved US of A has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the modern world with over 750,000 teen pregnancies every year. 8 out of every 10 are unplanned!

One-third of all teen girls in the United States will become pregnant BEFORE age 20...  1 of every 2 sexually active teens (male and female)  will contract an STD by age 25. (staggering numbers.. Center for disease control)

Teen moms are more likely to drop out of high school, be and remain single parents and score lower in math and reading.. interesting correlation I might add.

Now as the mother of 3 girls I always wonder why parents leave the responsibility of sex protection and std and pregnancy prevention in their hands of their children.

Parents you have a responsibility to protect and educate your child until 18... on EVERY subject... why would you let a 14,15, 16,17 year old girl lean on her own understanding when it comes to sex and pregnancy?

It's nice to hope and pray that your child will be responsible or hope and pray that they won't have sex at all, or won't come home pregnant at 16.. or that they won't ever have to go through an abortion, but in this day and age.... with TV shows like 16 and pregnant on MTV, shows us that this method isn't very realistic..

As parents don't we have a responsibility to prevent our children from making those mistakes? Isn't it our job to give them all the tools they need to be successful in life.. why would we stay mute on the topic of sex education and pregnancy prevention? In fact why wouldn't we ever take it a step further and ensure that our daughters are actively on birth control by 16 or even earlier?

It's too late to get them birth control after they are already pregnant isn't it?

I wonder why more parents don't subscribe to this proactive approach to sex education when it comes to their daughters... children should be able to come to their parents to learn about sex.. awkward yes but the best option... YES

Kids going out there and learning by trial and error or from their friends who don't know anything themselves is a huge mistake... I mentored a group of high school junior and senior girls last fall who when I opened up the floor for questions on sex totally proved how knowledgeable they were NOT..

"You can't get herpes from kissing can you????"
"My friend said that if you take a shower right after you can't get pregnant"
"I can't get pregnant my period is irregular"

Now these are all 17 and 18 year old girls totally clueless.. but ALL already having sex.

Why leave your kids out there to the wolves with mis-information? It's time for us as parents to get over our own uncomfortableness with discussing sex for the sake and livelihood of our children!

Sending them out there with a hope and a prayer is not parenting! You do that AFTER you load them up with tools and information.. then you hope and pray!

Statistics show that kids who have open dialogues with their parents about such topics as well as drugs and alcohol are less likely to have sex, become pregnant, use drugs, or abuse alcohol. Isn't that enough hope to get you talking???

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl


Marie said...

Great Post!
I don't have any children but i learned about sex through trial and error. My parents never discussed sex with me, and only told me not to do it, never talked about the consequence of sex etc...I just learned from my friends mistakes and was lucky enough not to get pregnant or catch any STD's.
Another thing is that many parents today had kids at a young age so they were children themselves raising children. I think that has a lot to do with those staggering numbers since so many of these occurrences are due to a cycle that has not been broken.
I hope more parents encourage talks with their children even with the discomfort...It may be a start to helping the future generation.

Carrie Pink, Modern Day Supergirl said...

It's funny because you would think if someone was a teen parent it would encourage them to talk to their kids more to not repeat the cycle you know? But I think its two-fold.. its young parents AND older parents who are just so stuck in the old days of talking about sex being taboo..

I'm 30 and my parents never spoke to us about the consequences of sex either.. just said don't do it. yeah thats effective..

I had my first child at 24 and looking back feel that even that was a little young. So I'm very adamant about discussing sex and its consequences with my kids when they get older.

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