Show me the dumb child... ::child points to black doll::

Anderson Cooper's CNN Special on Children and Race aired last night..

The children surveyed ranged in age from what looks like 3-10 and were questioned on positive and negative personality traits of 5 dolls. ranging in skin tone from white to black. They were asked to pick which child have the positive traits and which had the negative. The white children and even some of  the black children associated the negative characteristics with people of a darker skin tone....

What is happening in our society? Obviously not much.

When the children were asked to pick out the dumb child, the bad child, the child they wouldn't want to be friends with most of them picked the darkest doll!!!

Then they were asked about their desire to interact with children of various races. The white children picked the white doll. Then when they were asked which color person their parents liked the least, the white children picked the darkest doll.

We do not live in a colorblind society at all, not even our children are immune. I'm going to conduct this experiment on my own children and see what results I get because this just blew my mind!

The question is now we know we're infecting our children with the same racism that has tormented our society for hundreds of years how can we stop it without destroying all the adults... leaving a world full of untainted innocent children? 

you can watch the entire video on

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl


Double Edge Sword said...

We analyzed this and the newer version of this study in both my school law class and my multiculturism class last semester. If not anything else, the study definitely demonstrates the need for parents to clear up any prejudices our youth have internalized.

Carrie Pink, Modern Day Supergirl said...

agreed! It starts with the parents and what they are consciously or subconsciously promoting in their households!

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