Shopping,... a Woman's true BFF

I love shopping but you guys probably all already know that..

I gave up shopping cold turkey in 2008 and now in 2010 I'm coming out of my ANTI STORE HIATUS..

Now of course with any addiction there's a potential to relapse right? Especially after having been out the stores for so long, EVERYTHING LOOKS SOOO GOOD!

So how do I try to curb the shopping junkie syndrome..

my strategy.. set a budget and make a list..

First I have a mental list of all the items I'd want to upgrade in my wardrobe for my new decade of life..

and as I see them I buy them.. only if they are within the budget price I'd consider paying for such items...


Who out there has a shopping problem? lol what's your strategy to keep it under control or do you just not even try??? ahemmm.. Mocha..

Here's the thing, 2010 is not the year to not even try to curb your enthusiasm.. lol we need to get a handle on our vices.. whatever they may be so that we can do some necessary housekeeping in our lives..

So if you are not even in the process of saving toward a 6-12 month supply worth of emergency fund money... then you don't even belong near a store...

You never know when you'll have an emergency! and with layoffs still rising, the average person is out of work for almost a YEAR.. its no longer 6 months.. a year homies..

cover your own backs, cause Uncle Sam has a max he'll cover for you of only $406 a week.

If you already started an emergency fund but at the end of the month you only put in $20 or anything less than what you said you would its time to turn the tables.. on yourself!

savings should come first.. play money after..

pay your savings like its another bill.

Car note, Insurance, Rent, Food, Savings, light, gas, metrocard...

then if there's money left.. SHOP

If there's nothing left? whomp whomp.. sorry ;(

You're closet might suffer for a moment in time, but your bank account won't...

saving after a while becomes like a game... its almost like you avoid spending at all costs, so you can save even more.. you compete with and challenge yourself.. like I did yesterday with the Prada shoes I DID NOT BUY!

Then those 0's start growing in the bank and your checking account never goes negative you'll be soo proud of yourself! Go on, pat yourself on the back if you're doing that already!

If you haven't started saving for an emergency fund yet, put your head down in shame, pack your blinders every time you step into a shopping district, and stack those $1's in your favorite shoebox, mattress or bank!

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl


Anonymous said...

Three arrested in Chino Hills with stolen credit cards
By Jannise Johnson on November 12, 2008 9:31 PM | Permalink | Comments (1) | ShareThis
Three women were arrested Wednesday evening on suspicion of using stolen credit cards to purchase several items.

San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputies arrested Erica Jones, 18, Jennifer Wright 34 and Derazett Crutchfield, 34 after a store employee noticed a problem with a credit card, said sheriff's Sgt. R. Lewis.

The employee noticed there was no name that came up with a credit card used to purchase some items, Lewis said.
The employee notified sheriff's deputies at 6:19 p.m. and the deputies contacted the three women.

All three were arrested on suspicion of commercial burglary and possession of stolen credit cards. The cards were used to purchase "several hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise," Lewis said.

MonaDoll said...

I agree! I have a REAL shopping problem, and I try to mask it with saying "I will catch a sale" or "I have coupons".... Yeah RIGHT. My butt needs to sit down.

Women need to know that these Department Stores are NOT going anywhere, but these luxuries we have (food, house, car, etc....) will not always be there if we don't keep a hold of our finances!

More power to your "Pretty World" and lets make a change within ourselves!

Carrie Pink, Modern Day Supergirl said...

Mona.. I know exactly what you mean! lolol "catch a sale" is like our OK to shop lolool

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