The NYC Alternative High School

Yesterday was such an experience, after spending a day at Metropolitan Diploma High School I realized I wasn't in Kansas anymore

High School has changed drastically from the days I attended. Style has evolved so Polo and Tommy have been replaced with Louis and Tory Burch, and everyone is tatted up... When I swore in my day you needed to be 18 to do that and they just have this attitude that's so crass just to have one. We had attitudes in my day too but it doesn't feel as if it were so extreme.

A fight broke out in my second workshop session, between two girls when one girl felt the others girls constant huffing and puffing behind her was a way of telling her she had a problem with her. Huh? Really? We're fighting over peoples right to breathe and sigh now??

I question the model for these alternative high schools wondering if at the end of the day does it do more harm than good...

For any of you with kids or family who went through the NYC gifted and talented programs you know they keep these kids segregated from the masses to lower the amount of negative influence or distractions from the "normal" students.. Think Class Act the movie with Kid'n'Play the best of the best are kept together as are the worst of the worst...

Metropolitan is the last stop for students ejected from traditional high schools, they are the students that no other traditional high school would take in because of there record. They are basically forced to become GED candidates, if this school doesn't take them...

Each of them has a story, one was ejected because she stabbed somebody in her old school, one missed 155 days of school last year. From a success and achievement standpoint, does it make sense to group together the worst kids in the city in one place? How does this "school" prove to be any better than jail? I almost feel like it perpetuates the crabs in a barrel, put them all together so they can destroy each other ideology.

Granted this school in particular does a great job of staying on top of their students, "they are all in our business," one student told me and will call you at home or on your cell, even text you if you don't come to school...

but how does this teach them responsibility or how to mature and prepare for the real world where no one is calling to check in on you?

At the end of the day I'm glad there is a place like Metropolitan to give these students abandoned by the traditional route a second chance.. I just ask myself a second chance at what? success or failure?

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