Men, Woman, and Their Differences

I'm loving this book by Dr John Gray, "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus"

It's like all the questions I ever had about men finally have an answer... Of course the answers could be wrong, but at least something is offered as explanation! lol

A great part I got to last night said, "Both Men and Women need to stop offering the method of caring they would prefer and start to learn the different ways their partner thinks, feels, reacts"

In essence when our partners are going through things, we try to care for them the way we would want someone to care for us.. BUT.. that method is often counter productive to its goal.

How many woman see their partner stressed, going through something we know is tough and we keep urging them to "Talk to us!" Babe if you just talk the problem out you will feel better then we can try and find a solution together"

For years women have been doing this and how does the man respond... "I dont want to talk about it., just leave me alone"

Of course then we ladies take it personal and go straight off the deep end.. Hence WWIII has begun.

But if we stop a minute and think... talking out problems only really help us and other women feel better, not men.

if we take note of every man we ever dealt with and his reaction to the "lets just talk about  it" urge from us, we would realize that almost no man jumps on the opportunity to spill his problems with us.

Men deal with issues totally differently than woman.. and women need to learn to accept that and support him not in the way she would like to be supported when she is having an issue but in the way that he needs to be supported...

So when he doesn't want to talk about it.. leave him alone... the more you press him, the more angry he gets,  the more angry you get.. and the unnecessary war begins..

Chill out ladies, it will lead to a better relationship for both of you..

Listen to the expert, Dave Chappelle.. lol on Relationships!

Carrie Pink
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