1 dress - 365 days - The Uniform Project

Could you wear the same dress for 365 days in 365 different ways?

Ladies you know we have wardrobe issues... allllllllllll the time.. but is there a dress in your closet for you to reinvent instead of buying new??

That's exactly what Sheena Matheiken has done! Her endeavor The Uniform Project has allowed her closet to become sustainable while keeping her hand on the pulse of fashion!. She took a LBD.. (little black dress) and wore it everyday  a different way for 365 days with accessories or layering pieces she already owned or were recycled or vintage from ebay, or that she received as donations.   Her efforts have allowed her to raise over $78,000 towards her cause for schools in India !

It definitely takes creativity which a lot of us lack when it comes to our outfits! Most of us just want to pick  something off a hanger and go.. we don't want to take the time to build an outfit...

But maybe her story and the pictures you see will inspire you at least to try.. pull out that LBD and switch it up ladies!

You can see all 365 looks here below and read more about Sheena on www.theuniformproject.com

Uniform Project Picture Book from The Uniform Project on Vimeo.

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Modern Day Supergirl

Photo courtesy of The Uniform Project


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