Writers Block

So ladies and gents I have writers block!


and there is nothing in my never published notes that I want to put out... sigh..

ok.. so bear with me while I just sort of ramble today..

My mind is sooo all over this week because of my schedule and my to do list and my just natural forward thinking way of being.... I'm all about strategy and trying to be two steps ahead.. and this week I've been really accessing some potential steps and have been engrossed in RESEARCH! It's hard to write a  phenomenal moving blog topic when I'm in this mode!

Does this ever happen to you?  When your mind is all over trying to figure out where you are? As well as who you are.. Determining your emotional state,  your next moves, your mistakes.. etc etc etc you get so wound up that you can't do the simple things that typically come naturally on a day to day?

So like for example..

Sunday I cooked like a maniac.... enough for 2-3 days and a squad full of people, cajun catfish, a whole roasted chicken, black beans and rice, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, stuffing with almonds and craisins, salad and homemade mini strawberry shortcakes for dessert. I love cooking, it's like free therapy! All of that totally accomplished without a hitch... and with a smile might I add

But then yesterday do you know it was difficult for me to decipher and coordinate how to tackle warming up all that stuff for dinner? I stood in the kitchen for like 5 minutes just looking at all the containers before even trying to figure out what to microwave and what to warm on the stove....

Before dinner I had the best time with my kids and my hunni... its the first Monday in a while where we were all home just hanging out and I really ENJOYED it... (My mega superstar DJ hunni usually does a radio show every Monday evening!)

We has so much fun just playing around, watching our kids eat us out of house and home! Complaining the whole time, but not really! (you'd think we have 3 boys as much as they eat though!)

I'm ok with the fact that I put my pen down yesterday and today..  : ) Maybe I'll be up for writing tomorrow.. ; )

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl


K-Lyric said...

Carrie I should have been at your house for Sunday dinner girl you just got me soooo hungry..LOL but I am totally with you as we were saying earlier in convo. My mind goes all over and I get writers block at times. and I am a writer. I do so much and take on to much at a time. I sometimes can not get my thoughts together and into play to even let the pen and paper do its magic. The trick is we just need some me time for us. Let our brains flow for a little bit:-)

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