What happened to the "Good Ole Days"

Giulietta Nardone from www.giulettathemuse.com wrote a great blog today called  "What makes you get up in the morning". After I read it had me thinking about the "Good Ole Days"

We had it so easy as kids... did we ever really appreciate it though?? I remember looking forward to my birthday and thanksgiving and Christmas with an excitement unmatched to anything I've ever looked forward to as an adult. Time seemed like it took forever. A year was damn near an eternity!

As kids most of us were pretty innocent, free spirited, and so creative.. our imaginations had no limits! We could take an empty roll of paper towels, a dishcloth and a marker and spend an entire afternoon in our own adventure world!

Then we grow up and lose all of that! We lose sight of all the little things we enjoyed just because we enjoyed it. Going to the playground, playing pretend, coloring, drawing, building with blocks.  We  become by the book, follow a schedule, and follow the routine adults..

Giuletta writes "During my childhood, I couldn’t get enough of life. I raced out of bed to explore the natural landscape near my home. I scaled the face of Bald Rock (o.k. a small hill a few roads over), I climbed pine trees, I waded in brooks, I watched butterflies, I taught riding lessons in my back yards without the aid of actual horses."

"That love disappeared when society shoved me onto the tracks headed toward conventional adulthood. By my twenties, I kept asking, “Is this all there is?” I’d broken up with life. We’d gone our separate ways. I had no real reason to get up in the morning. I guess I had stumbled onto some kind of career track. Yet, the notion of a generic career never appealed to me. I always felt like a caged animal in a work zoo. If we lived in this free society I wondered, how come we can’t leave until 5:00? I began saying to colleagues, “Let’s bust out of here and sit at an outdoor cafe and drink salty margaritas."

"They’d say, “Oh, that sounds fun. Too much work today. Maybe next week?”

"Those weeks turned into years and finally into a decade and still no disobedient margarita hookey."

I feel the same way she does.. I remember spending summers in Barbados and Florida and there was never an oh can I watch TV moment. It was always can I go outside??? And we'd be outdoors as soon as breakfast was over maybe resurfacing for lunch.. but we'd be back outside again after that and dinner.. at the end of the night when it was time to come in my parents always heard the groans and the request for 5 more minutes..

do kids even like to go outside anymore or is the wii their new bestie?

Anywho.. to my generation.. one day this summer try something out of your routine.. round up your friends for a game of tag, or if you have kids, don't just set up the arts and crafts table for them, participate...

To me that's the best part of being a mom, getting to relive your childhood with your kids! Playing with them is when I realize how much fun being a kid was!! I brought them to work with me one evening.. and afterward we played tag all across the lawn.. it was the best feeling ever and it really helps then understand mommy isn't just a stick who's going to stand on the sidelines and watch!!!

Tag! You're it!

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