STOP! You are going in the wrong direction!

Now you all know any Sunday where I debate whether or not to get up that morning and trudge out to Queens for service I always receive a major blessing in the word.

Yesterday was no different. I was soo tired, but I made the trek and as usual it was well worth it.

The impact of a sermon to me depends on where you are in your life at the moment, they can touch right within your spirit, talking about things that you are going through right at that very moment in your life, Or they can be validations to the trials and tribulations you've already faced and succeeded creating living testimonies for you. Then lastly they can talk about situations that you have yet to encounter and know nothing about.

And let me tell you how Pastor Flake went IN yesterday... He let it be known that we are never ever alone if we trust in God.

Here are some excerpts from my notes, hope you enjoy!

Everyone always talks about the good things Jesus did, we all know about the miracles

But we forget that Jesus suffered too! Just like us, why do we think that just because we suffer that somehow Jesus has left us? When he too suffered even as the son of the Father.

We always think we can fix the suffering and bring him back into our life with the what ifs...

What If I would have done this differently
What If I would have married that other man
What If I didn't do this, or that, or go here or there..

When we have ideas and make decisions in our life, we make choices based on what seemed good and appropriate at the time, we did all the analysis of all the possible outcomes and the answer seemed right

So why are we second quessing ourselves now?

it is because some of us KNOW we are going in the wrong direction? When we dealt with those particular situations, we may have asked God for an answer and because God didn't given us the answer we wanted to hear we took it upon ourself to make our own way? We got tired of waiting around and we went where we wanted to go and did what we wanted to do, which was totally in the wrong direction!!

C.P add's- What we don't understand is that sometimes when we ask for something the answer has to be NO. God is not your yesman.. Prayers do not get answered with YES just because you prayed them, they get answered with the right answer and sometimes that answer is yes and sometimes its no, sometimes the answer is not right now, or I'll think about it, come back another times or ask me again later.. if we remember that when we pray we would end up much less disappointed with God. Ok back to the notes..

But even when you are on the wrong road Jesus can find u

Sometimes God just walks with us along the wrong road until he realizes we have gone far enough! He WILL intercept us as his children.

Interestingly enough many of us do not always get to the wrong road on our own. We have to be careful who we talk to because some of the people you talk to know you r going in the wrong direction and will assist you in getting there!  They know your going the wrong direction is to their advantage!

And these are often the people you call your friends, often the people within your family.. the people who you think love and care about you! Are the same ones who will tear you down, telling you only what you want to hear instead of whats true.

A lot of us are also in trouble because we do not accept the fact that we have limitations!!!

No matter how many degrees or certificates u have u don't have all the answers! (Perfect complement to my dependence, independence, interdependence lesson from Saturday's PWI Seminar! Click HERE  to watch it.

When u r going through distress the one thing u don't want to do is bleed on the people, you don't need to tell EVERYONE your problems... If all you ever do is talk about your pain u can't get to a place where change is willing to come into your life.. nor can you always decipher whats good advice or whats fuel for the long journey down the WRONG road. 

Problems have a way of clouding us when we r in need! It seems like nothing is there to help u

We listen to too many external voices! Why not only listen to the word of God? Why not only listen to those who you know have your best interest in mind?  Does our value system allow us tor really believe,  listen and trust him??

The answer to many of our problems is often right there with you and you didn't even know it! You cannot recognize the answer because you are too distracted being down on yourself, you are too distracted wishing you took another route, you are too distracted listening to everyone else.. So you miss the right answer leading yourself further and further down the WRONG road. 

Some of us talk about the negatives so long that they start to define us! We can't recognize the solution because we are so busy worrying about the past! We keep talking about it and talking about it and we keep dwelling on it that we can't escape, the past becomes our present and our future.....

C. P  says
So ladies if there was a type of man that crawled your skin STOP talking about him to everyone, you are only going to attract the same type of man again who is going to do you wrong the same exact way.

Doesn't it make you wonder why victims of domestic violence typically have serial domestically violent relationships? There's a psychological component there and a law of attraction at work in their situation, that's stuck on repeat.

You have to break the cycle, access your life, figure out who you are listening to compared to who you should be listening to.. figure out when you should be quiet instead of talking and figure out how to get in touch with the God already in your spirit!

Because if have God with you the enemies cannot defeat u!!!

sounds like a good deal to me!

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