Spring Cleaning!

ONLY 12 more weeks until 4th of July weekend...

Do you know what that means????? Well first off it's time to hit the gym!!! Bikini Season is commmmmmming! Also its time to do a BIG ANNUAL CLEAN.. SPRING CLEANING!!!!

In the March issue of Women's Day magazine they have a guide of how to best effectively spring clean!

Where did spring cleaning come from? According to article author Arianne Cohen, spring cleaning was to clear out all the black soot and grime from fire or kerosene-heating systems. Families would have to wipe down every inch of their homes and often painted to cover what couldn't be cleaned.

Cleaning out your house, also helps you clean out your life! It makes you see all your stuff front and center and how much you have and don't need.

Arianne's tips to de-clutter? First start with the dirty laundry.. Then bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms. Kitchens and Bathrooms should be last. Move clockwise! Give your self a time limit per task and per room.

closets/drawers organizing 30-45 minutes

Laundry put away 30 minutes

Fridge cleaning- 20 minutes

Oven cleaning 30 minutes


This is probably the most complicated part of spring cleaning!

10-15 minutes per pile.... 20 piles?? so what!

Toss everything you do not need, file or scan the rest, because if you haven't read it yet, you probably never will!!!!

So what happens if you go over the time limit???

Move on to the next room.

If you are like me I like to linger when I clean and reminisce over all the memories ; )

When I put myself on a time limit I know I CAN'T! There's no time!


Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day SuperWOMANl!


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