Self Sabotage

"When some people achieve success & happYness beyond what they think they should, deep down they feel they have a duty to sabotage themselves." -unknown

This was a quote written about Jesse James, his affair with the tattooed chick, and his marriage to actress Sandra Bullock.

So the article's point was Jesse self sabotaged his marriage and his life because things were too good to be true and both he and his wife were just too successful.

But how does this quote apply to the average American like me and you?

Deep down inside of all of us, I believe there is a internal glass ceiling mechanism. Depending on your self esteem level, all the opportunities you receive are filtered against that internal mechanism, and you decide whether its something you want to attempt or not. You also decide before you attempt the task whether or not you can really accomplish it.

In essence, You set your own glass ceiling.

We talked a little last week about being our own worst enemies. Do you automatically dismiss this theory or is there some truth to it?

In my honest opinion, there is definitely some truth to it.

Some of us, when we have an idea, or a dream, we rip it to shreds before we even share it with anyone else.

We think of all the road blocks and set backs we could face pursuing the idea and actually convince ourselves the idea isn't even worth pursuing.

Raise your hand if you have ever done that to yourself.

Then you just admitted to self-sabotage.

No one really knows what they are capable of until they get out there and do it!

You may think you know yourself and you may think you know your limits, but you really don't know how far you can go until you get out there and try.

How many of you ever faced a task where you were almost positive you couldn't do it? I see it with my kids all the time.. Mommy I don't know how to tie my shoe yet, mommy I can't unbutton this shirt myself, mommy I'm too scared to swing that high...

Then what happened, you tried the task anyway.. and you succeeded.. you felt soooo good about yourself and actually said, you know honestly, I didn't think I would be able to do it, I didn't think I could make it, but here I AM! WHOOOOOO!!!!

How about at work? You want a promotion but you spend all day at work complaining (OUT LOUD) about how much you hate your job and hate your boss and your co-workers.. then the girl next to you who never says a peep, gets the promotion you wanted... hmmm I wonder why?

Don't doubt yourself, downtalk yourself, degrade your environment, don't install your own glass ceiling, there are enough people out there ready to do it for us, we don't need to do it to ourselves...

Pull out some of those old ideas or dreams that you knocked down 5 years ago. Write them out and lay them on the table. Pick a few to pursue..

and don't let the red devil on your shoulder to convince you that you can't make it and that they are awful ideas!

Granted some may be awful ideas ... lol but one may be the diamond in the rough towards your total happiness.

As Morpheus teaches us in The Matrix taught us... we can never know how far the rabbit hole really goes if we don't swallow the red pill.

Swallow the Red Pill for your life, reject blissful ignorance, for the red pill represents LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES AND UNSTOPPABLE HEIGHTS!

It surpasses all levels of limits, success, happyness and joy than you could have ever even tried to imagine on your own!


Carrie Pink
(Red Pill Popper)
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl


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