My Wife took HALF!

The hubby and I were listening to the radio last night about Nas and Kelis divorce and her getting 299K plus 10K a month in child support. Of course, it sparked a debate between the two of us over the woman getting half theory... 

Now I posted a blog earlier this week about understanding the depth of the commitment of marriage and if you aren't feeling that and think there should be conditions where u can jump ship or throw in the towel then don't get married.

So today I'ma speak to another aspect. The financial's, law says once you marry any assets created post ceremony are now marital assets meaning they belong to BOTH of you.... So if you split up they WILL be divided equally between the two of you. (Even if one of you NEVER contributed to the stash)

Sounds unfair? Well that's what you signed up for!!!

Beyond being a promise of unbreakable commitment marriage is also a contract!!! Don't like the contract terms?? don't sign them then (ie. Don't get married!, don't divorce or write your own contract! That's what pre-nups are for! Get one that says You sign that whatever You came in with will be what You leave with upon breakup...

I'm so sick of these guys walking around mad at women for their own mistake! If u have a partner and u feel that upon divorce that she doesn't deserve half of the marriage assets (now renamed your money, instead of our money) then that's YOUR OWN FAULT for letting her be a slacker, living off you and YOUR money and not pulling her own weight during the entire marriage!!

Don't be mad at the court system NOW be mad at YOUR OWN DAMN SELF! Stupid! You walked yourself off the damn plank!!!

A lot of guys when they were together with the girl it's another story... it was "oooh don't work baby, I can't have someone as beautiful as you WORKING! Just stay home to take care of the house and the kids...get your nails done baby, and go shopping!  Ummm sounds like you put YOURSELF into a single person asset contribution system to be divided in two later!

Now your mad?? But YOU let her slide, YOU let her not work, YOU didn't make her a partner, YOU let her be a primping princess...

I can hear them in divorce court now... "This bi*@# never worked a day after we married!! All she does is spend and primp! She doesn't even cook! And she hired a nanny and housekeeper to do all the work! She doesn't deserve a dime of MY MONEY!!!"

We hear people say all the time, ladies you didn't require your man to put a ring on it that's why you are forever the girlfriend..

Well fellas, when you never required your woman to be a partner or to contribute to the JOINT assets, just sit pretty and be a trophy :) well.. that's why now your paying out the nose...

You created that monster homey you should have made her get a job and pay for her own Louis bags and weaves like the single ladies have to do! Lol

U got duped!....YES... but you did it to yourself  *shrug*

You aren't her father, you're her husband, if she's a grown ass woman she should want to help build your empire by putting in work too and I don't only mean in the bed or on your arm.... You need someone pretty to go with u somewhere?? Then hire a model!! At least then her services fit the job that you're paying for since that's all you require...

There are a ton of women looking for a free ride, looking to live the life, and not lift a finger just be pretty... If you give it to them that's make you an ass *shrug* now you're mad, I just don't get it.

If I were a dude I'd want a down in the trenches chick! A hustler (like myself lol) One that's gonna pull her weight and contribute her share, including money wise, even if I made more, she's still have to contribute her proportional share! So we can build an empire together.... Who wants to carry someone on their backs the whole way? When their body is able!

Know the terms and conditions, including the exit strategy before signing on the dotted line fellas!

Another mistake you guys make...

"Judge what do you mean she gets half of my house, now I have to sell it?? Or she gets half of my bank account over here? I had those things before I met her!!!"

"Yeah but son you added her name to the deed. And made her a joint on alllll your accounts and credit cards.. So now what would have been pre marital assets are all marital assets"

Who's fault is that again?? Uhhh mirror please!

Yall so gun ho to have these women feel pampered and spoiled you give them access to everything that you built on your own, WAYYYYY before she came along... That's your fault not hers, now your mad you have to share it all? YOU OFFERED IT ALL!

Stop adding these women to your accounts, deeds, insurance policies,  all willy nilly!

What you had before the marriage keep separate, want a joint account with her? Open a new one and move money to it as necessary. (That way she can't clean u out when she busts your ass for cheating like in the movies)

Men complain that the laws are designed to help women, but you can protect yourself too BEFOREHAND, use it!

Beside a gracious woman wouldn't try to take you for half ANYWAY if she knew she didn't DESERVE IT! She would humbly leave with whatever you agree to give, not fight you tooth and nail for the gamut!

SOOO... You KNEW what type of woman she was when you married Miss High Maintenance, no I don't cook, clean, wash, or iron....(WHO NEVER HAD A DIME HERSELF) and put her in your mansion...

Every woman has a "Lord Have Mercy" account... Or she should anyway... A just in case fund of money separate from the marriage money...that way if he gets a gambling problem, an alcohol problem, or a drug problem, she can still feed their kids!

We all know relationships will never be 50/50 why? Because people need to do what they're good at and some things it just makes no sense to split! Like 50/ 50 laundry? cooking? childcare.. breastfeeding???? lol impossible

Remember that marriage is supposed to be a partnership not a dependency, so if you allow someone and actually paid them to leech off you, don't be mad when you now have to pay them to stop too!

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl


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