I think the biggest downfall of the human race is our natural ability to misunderstand and misinterpret things..

It's like a lifelong game of telephone..

You say "I really like your dress" and by the time it gets back to you it's "that hat makes you look fat!"

How can we improve our communication skills and practice active listening skills the way I described it in a note a few weeks back.

The game Telephone is really just an exercise in effective listening.. or more appropriately ineffective listening!

Imagine if while in the game you could stop and repeat back to the person what you heard them say giving them an opportunity to clarify before you pass it on to the next person???

Yeah that would take the fun out of the game by getting the chance to laugh at the discombobulated message at the end, but lets take this into real life!

Wouldn't that just make everything smoooooother?

Doesn't it drive you crazy dealing with people who don't say what they really mean?

They say something, you repeat it back to them and they're like.. that's not what I meant.. but it's what you said though??

smh.. why assume that I can translate your words and give them a new meaning?

I just want everyone to think about ways they have misunderstood someone or been misunderstood themselves.. replay the moments in your head and see if you forgot to clarify what you heard or if you used words that you really didn't mean..

Lets get this new level of communication and understanding show on the road!!!!

::fog horn::

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
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