It's just not worth it...

I went to go see "Why did I get married Too!" last night and people let me tell you... GO AND SEE THIS MOVIE!  

People came out of that theatre like.. umm wow. Definitely Tyler Perry's best work so far.  

You didn't come out the theater laughing like you do with Madea.  

This was serious and it makes you think.  

It was a perfect movie to see as I enter into a new decade of my life today. Surely a sharp reminder to keep things in perspective..  

There are so many things that we worry about, argue about, and fight about, that are simply NOT WORTH IT.  

Why can't we just talk when something is bothering us, why do people hold things in until they burst like bombs?  

If we take a look around our community and around the world we would see some major major issues out there that could definitely benefit from some pent up energy! but when your hubby left the seat up AGAIN, or when some chick in the club stepped on your foot, and why your boss doesn't like you as much as your slacking co-worker... not so much...  

To waste energy and more importantly time on superfluous arguments, disagreements, and irrational decisions.. is purposeless! 

We should definitely be looking for ways to filter that towards eradicating some of the real issues in the world.  

The lesson to be learned today? Just let it go and enjoy your life.  

Letting someone affect you to the point you are enraged and sooo riled up that you aren't even thinking clearly for your own safety can have consequences so severe and unforeseen by even the most intuitive individuals...  

Time is such a limited resource, you cannot get it back or rewind.. every decision we make is a moment of time gone that we cannot renig on the consequences. So why take the chance..  

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