For Better Only......

I've realized that all the promotion of love and marriage never includes a true depiction of what the other side of a relationship can be, we only think about good love, good lives, and good sex, and an occasional tiff that ends in all smiles. (but of course right!)  Psychologically we agree and set ourselves up to something that most people don't even realize, it sucks that so many are all wrapped up in a fairy tale, which then causes a disillusioned reality...

And that reality is we get married because we are in love right now but its "For Better Only"

50% of all marriages end in divorce because 50% of couples put conditions on "For Worse"

Those peoples vows should be "I will love you, keep you, honor you, and cherish you as long as its for better, when we start back sliding into for worse I'm sorry but I have my limits!"

Right? C'mon you know a lot of you agree! But how then can you define your love as unconditional if its chock full of conditions?

I will only accept the following types of for worse for only this amount of time... After that I'm out!

Right? Cause that whole line about until death do you part didn't mean that to me technically... It only meant until he/she screws up enough that I no longer want to be bothered?

If people took the vows of marriage as serious as they are then there would be fewer divorces, because a lot less people would be so gun ho to agree to marry in the first place.

What if divorce was illegal? Like against the law, can't do it, or you will be arrested and put in jail..... Ha technically it is in the laws of God but too many of us allow the laws of man..

Get your divorce here! Only $695!

To supersede the laws of God.


If divorce was illegal people would be less careless when jumping the broom, they would be cautious and really analyze the person, and THEMSELVES! They would go slow! Real slow....

Another thing couples don't realize is you do not get to decide what kind of worse you get.... The commitment is all encompassing, for better or worse, no matter the situation, not for better or worse Except XYZ! those things right here.. you do those, I'm out! 

Nothing is exempt from the worse category.. Everyone's for worse is different, some go through MULTIPLE for worse.. there is nothing that says we will only go through for worse ONCE... For some its financial hardships, for others its infidelity, emotional roadblocks, external forces, illness, neglect.. for others ITS ALL OF THE ABOVE...

However the commitment says I will stay with you regardless of what may happen and how many times it happens and we will work through it together!

Sound impossible? Then don't get married, have a regular relationship and lay out a commitment with conditions, that would work better and really put a dent in the divorce rates! Stop ruining it for the rest of us by contributing to a falsified statistic!!!

And I say falsified because in that 50% of divorcees many of them felt like they married the wrong person or had doubts before the marriage even began...

Um so then why go through with it? Oh cause a divorce is only $995!!!


Marriage is not a new pair of pants, that u can jump into and out of when u feel good and ready...who is that benefiting? and how does that represent the true meaning of marriage?

I think its very possible to marry the wrong person, to commit to someone u heavily like, or love conditionally, to run for the hills when things go south, you are the ones who should have never been married to begin with.. imho

Marriage takes work REAL WORK... the challenge of it is figuring out HOW TO stay together through the bad times, those challenges are what deliver you to the EVEN Better!!!! If you don't make it through the bad times how do you except it to get better? do you think that just happens on its own just because you say i do??? its the challenges you face as a couple that makes you stronger, happier and better in the long run....

It's like going after a career.. why is it that so many of us are willing to face the challenges of climbing the professional and educational ladder, but throw in the towel on the marriage ladder??? every challenge you overcome in your relationship breaks through another glass ceiling of love and happiness.
Why is that so hard to comprehend.. to get to even better you have to go through even worse.. its just the way it is in life period.. relationships are no exception..

So if you plan to get married with the wrong intentions and are armed with a list full conditions.... Please don't waste your money, don't waste your families time and the excitement of a wedding... you want to wear a white dress go to a ball, you want a diamond ring, buy it yourself but please stop adding to the statistics with your fairy tale bullshit. For Better Only was never a part of the vows, so don't take them.

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl


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