To The Believers

Timing is everything, everything that happens has its purpose even those things that make you cringe while you are going through it.

We have to be grateful for all of it! The good and the bad for without the bad the value attached to certain Sunday morning messages would be lost and over our heads! However surely after last Friday this message I received on Sunday at Allen Cathedral couldn't have been anymore on time.

Carrie Pinks notes on Rev Floyd Flake's message

You are precious. God didn't even have to let you be born!! He has allowed you to be here because you are special and precious. There is something that you are meant to do here.

In your life there are people right now who cannot stand your happiness and joy, people just like Saul. They can be living in your house or be on your job, they are ones you call your friends or ones that you know are your enemies. They cant stand to see you do good, it annoys them every time you step out of your house and share the same air they breathe.

They hate the fact that your house is nicer than theirs and that every Saturday you get down on your hands and knees to take care of your yard. They cant stand you because you care so much about the things you need to take care of.

A lot of you in here are also the ones doing the can't standing, but when you are jealous you have a much greater chance of becoming a hater and eventually when you become a hater the hate you distribute will not only be on what you see in other peoples possessions, skills, and level of happiness but it will also eventually turn on you so that you will start to hate yourself.

People judge others all the time by all the wrong standards....They increase or decrease your value often even based on something as foolish as how you look!!! If you are skinny and pretty people will automatically consider you more valuable and want to be around you, If you are fat and unattractive, people consider you less valuable and automatically don't want to be around you as much.

Well I'm here to tell you that it doesn't matter how fat or skinny you are you can still be precious. Precious is as overweight in the movie as she in real life, however her value has just skyrocketed and quadrupled because of her story!

Now to the ladies in particular, just remember, Nobody is worth you stealing your own unseen hope and joy. In the movie Precious, Mo'nique gave up her daughter just to continue to have a man. No one is worth you sacrificing a gift given to you by God, especially not just to have a no good man!

You have an anointing on you!!! Claim it!!!

Life is precious it doesn't matter who knows you, thinks they know you, doesn't know you, or doesn't like you, They need to just shut up!!! God knows you, your heart, and your spirit

Stop worrying about other people and their situations, or the people so concerned with yours. Just continue to work on fixing your own house!! Problems you cannot solve by yourself come to Jesus and ask him for an anointing!

Some of you would be dead already if it weren't for the Lords hand on your life. You would have sold your body, got hooked on using or selling drugs, or suffered some other type of major life screw up!

Like Precious you need stand up, put your head up, walk tall, and find yourself a new situation or environment if you are in one keeps bringing you down or makes you want to bring others down.

I know people have talked about you they have spread lies on you but God has already given you all the tools you need to be victorious over that claim them now in Jesus name!

Lord I thank you in advance for it is so! ; )

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl

"Touch not my anointed"


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