Temperament Management

The final part of our 2 week getting to know ourselves series is identifying what your typical temperament is and how you can manage it if its not exactly what you expected.

Take the quizzes below: The first one is an in depth 122 question personality test, the bottom 2 are fun 10 question quickies. (beware I got 2 different temperament types using the 2 fun quizzes)



What did you learn about yourself? Particularly if you took the 1st quiz?

Look over the results and self assess yourself, as you were answering the questions were you surprised at the answers you were giving? Are you aggressive? Do you get upset easily? These may be clear indicators that you need a temperament check, you need to adjust those things that may end up affecting your physical health and happiness in the long run.

For some if us temperament is just a natural inborn way for us to be. Others have conditioned themselves to pleasantness or unpleasantness based on the people around them or the environment they are in. It might be time to change your situation so you can in fact change your life and the way you live it!

Don't be miserable and angry all the time just because everyone around you is. Find your own joy, Find your happiness and relish in it. Misery loves company, so not only are the people who made you that way happy they are not alone, soon you will start trying to make happy people miserable with you!

In my experience it seems like the power of unhappiness and misery is so strong it can overcome happiness much easier than happiness can overcome misery. It will be easier for a miserable to suck the life out of a happy person before a happy person can make a miserable want to be happy.

Why is this so? I personally think its because it takes way more energy and effort to be miserable than it takes to be pleasant, so if you are exerting more force and using more energy you will win the battle, like in arm wrestling. If I just sit there happy with my arm up, I'm going to lose against the person who puts all their weight into knocking my arm down..

Need to work on adjusting your temperament?



Happy Trials!!

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl

Don't forget tomorrow is the Pretty World Inc Monthly Seminar @ 11:30am INVESTING FOR DUMMIES Guest Speaker will be Manyell Akinfe from Optimum Capital! She will be presenting "What's In Your Purse!" Watch us live on www.USTREAM.tv/carriepink OR email AskCarriePink@gmail.com for location details if you live in the NYC area!


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