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He wrote this the other day after a conversation with a female friend and asked me to read it, I read it, loved it, and asked him if I could share it! with a few Carrie Pink tweaks ;-) of course ;-)

They were talking about how men do too much and try to carry themselves in a manner that they’re not capable of maintaining.

Sound familiar?  The honey moon period of the relationship, where he did everything he was supposed to do and stayed on his p's and q's. Brought you random surprise gifts and sat and listened to you talk about everything under the sun for hours. What happened to that guy right?

The easiest way to make someone fall for you is to show them that you’re consistent. It’s an overlooked concept, but a lack of consistency can often be the underlying deal breaker in a relationship.

I’ve always looked at consistency as the indicator or barometer of a relationship. When your behavior follows a pattern, a person can be comfortable and know who/what they’re dealing with. People can’t maintain a functioning relationship when they change like the weather.

In general, humans fear change and we’re guarded against the unknown. If you get a woman accustomed to a certain type of behavior or the way you carry things, it’s unfair to just switch it up because YOU’RE NOW TIRED OF LIVING A FACADE.

There’s some situations where a man will kinda, well not kinda, he WILL tweak the type of guy he is to win over the woman he wants. For example, let’s say the woman works in a corporate position and financially does well for herself. A man who may feel inadequate of his level in comparison to her will try to alter himself to be suitable.

A man will go for broke trying to impress a woman with $ and things that tie into $. He’ll take her to flashy restaurants, he’ll step up his wardrobe game to exude the power & $ that HE ONLY THINKS she wants. But eventually his proverbial house of cards will come crashing down. And it may not be necessarily because he lied. It’s because he became inconsistent with his lies.

Some fellas have it crossed up in their mind that they need to be these Superman, hero, “too good to be true” type of dudes in order to win over a woman. But the key to a woman’s heart is quite simple:


her proud and confident man : )

Don’t promise her the world when it’s not yours to give. Just call when you say you’ll call. Take an interest in things that are important to her. LISTEN, and be open minded to new things.

I promise, when you do the bare minimum, a woman will be impressed (because so few of us fellas have caught on LOL) and because it's the small things that matter to her, not the sun, moon, and sky at her feet.... well that's all that matters to a good woman anyway.... but that's another blog ;-)

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Erin said...

Great read. This is great advice because even actors can't act their whole life.

Carrie Pink, Modern Day Supergirl said...

You know that's right!

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