Sacrifice and Submission

Part 7 of getting to know ourselves... the ability to show Submission and Sacrifice. Its a major part of life. However most people don't truly understand either one.

Men and Woman have major problems submitting and sacrificing. We are such self centered creatures and so egotistical no one else matters more than ourselves and no one else is worth being put ahead of ourselves.

Some women even have problems sacrificing for their own children let alone another adult!!!! I'm sure all of us know at least one mother running the streets, leaving their kids with Tom, Dick and Harry, just so they can hang out with or lay down with the other Tom's Dicks' and Harry's...

Submission & Sacrifice needs to be a part of our lives if we intend to funny enjoy everything truly intended for us. For those of us who are spiritual and follow a faith. We know that submission and sacrifice is a major part of our "walk" toward divinity. Most of us know the requirements but our pride and ego's lead us to resist.

We know that the actions of this world are not things we should be doing for the sake of others or the sake of the world, but for the betterment of our hearts and to be favorable to our God.. whichever God you serve.

Here are my notes from yesterday, and after watching "The Invisible Woman" this week, it was a perfect complement to Nicole Johnson's message. Obviously the reveals I was receiving last week are still being revealed. Thank you. Here's to another phenomenal service at Allen Cathedral!

Carrie Pinks' Notes from the sermon by my SOROR Rev Elaine Flake!

When you sacrifice you lay down the need to get your own way.

People often spend days, weeks, and months upset just because one little thing didn't go their way. they stay mad at things that shouldn't have even been an issue.

Most people cannot and will not deny themselves anything for the sake of someone else.

People who can deny themselves for the benefit of others recognize that it's not all about them, and that the earth doesn't revolve around them, or the sun does not set on their behind.... lol (C.P ad lib)

But how can you conquer your self?

By being willing to submit to others.

Submit- to give over or yield to the power or authority of another

Most people RUN from submission, because it leaves them very vulnerable, more vulnerable than they are comfortable being. It also leaves them in a position to be taken advantage of if you submit to the wrong things.

The best part of submission? It definitely humbles you! It checks your ego, it checks your bad attitude, it keeps you from being reduced to unethical arrogant behaviors

If we can take authority over small acts of sacrifice in our life we will be awarded victory over larger things in our life in time. Do you believe this to be true? Most people don't thats why they don't submit or sacrifice. They live in the now as if today is their last and they deserve ALL it has to offer.

Sacrifice- the surrender or destruction of something prized or desirable for the sake of something considered as having a higher or more pressing claim.

There are going to be things in life we need to do, just for the greater good, not for our personal good, not for other peoples expectations or benefits, but for the greater good and divinity we seek.

Nothing transforms us more that the sacrifice of self. The denial of things we love and our own comfort for a higher purpose.

Some of us has missed tremendous opportunities because of our arrogance and stubbornness. Opportunities to serve and sacrifice, opportunities to submit. But our pride stopped us.

There are often times when we think we want something and we think it will be the greatest thing ever for us but once we get it, it isn't that great after all. In fact its pretty terrible and we wish we could take back ever wanting it to begin with.

Sometimes we put stumbling blocks in our own way and in the way of others.

It's very hard to curtail your own personal freedom and worldly desires for the sake of the greater good, but when we do that's when blessings flow. When we CHOOSE to deny ourselves for the greater good. Even when others don't understand what we are doing and think we are crazy to deny ourselves material things or experiences.

To claim our divine purpose in life we often have to do some radical things, to step into radical living, and have radical faith.

Even when what is acceptable for others we want to be acceptable for us too and we want to be able to do what others do or have what others have, sometimes its just not us and we need to accept that and move forward. We need to understand that the level of expectation for us to submit or sacrifice may be bigger than what's expected from someone else. Sometimes we don't get access to things that we think we should or things are taken from us that aren't taken from others. That's why its important to not watch others and their situations.

When you are in radical living, you stop caring about those superficial things. Your personal comfort is less important than the greater good. You understand that personal inconvenience just comes with the territory!

Sacrifice and Submission mean, I don't have to, but I will anyway!

Lean not on your own understanding people. Your purpose is bigger than you!!

The strong must bear the infirmities of the weak. Such as dealing with people you don't have to deal with, helping people you don't have to help... when you are not required but do it anyway, it helps humble you!

Pride- is the downfall of the church
Arrogance- is the downfall of Christians
Self-Centeredness- is the downfall of those in ministry

You have to step out and not follow the crowd. If everyone is skipping out on service to sleep in on a Sunday you tell them stay home if they want to.. I don't have to go church every week but I do it for the greater good, to not block my own blessings, by going above and beyond what is expected of me.

The more we sacrifice and submit, the more blessings we will receive in the long run.

We are all called to be wounded healers. None of us are perfect, so flaws and all still come, flaws and all still submit and sacrifice, flaws and all forgive others who hurt you! Don't let negative people in the church and outside of it keep you from your divine calling and relationship.

If you hold the door open for someone and they don't say thank you, keep it moving, but just use that as a reminder to always say thank you when someone holds the door open for you!

Sacrifice and submission do not seek recognition and neon lights, they relish in being anonymous. Suppress your pride and arrogance.

Yes things will happen that are unfair, but you have to hang in there.

You need HIM more than you need money, more than you need a new job, more than you need a man or a woman.

All it takes is faith. The size of a mustard seed.

Carrie Pink
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