Girlfriends who act like Wives

African-American women are already at a disadvantage numbers-wise if they want to marry a black man. However women who want to be married need to take a look at their role in why they are single.

Instead of asking, "Why don't men want to get married?" The question should be, "Why should men want to get married?" Too many men already get everything they need from the women they date.

"They have one girl to cook for them, another one for sex, another one to hold as a trophy on dates. If women want to get married, then ladies need to stop acting like wives."

Now I'm not sure what the writer of that quote meant but here's my $19.08

OK hope the men don't shoot me for sharing this....Men are like detectives.. If you reveal too much at once the mystery is over, the fun is done, and the man is longer interested in investigating more.

So ladies, I think your number one mistake is you want to be exclusive too soon and show him  everything you got to bait him too quick to keep him from looking elsewhere. Which never works.

Dating is a good thing. Do it for a while. Not only should you date the one you like, continute dating others as well and TELL HIM you are dating other people. Dating not only shows you what you are looking for in a man, it always shows you what you are not looking for.

That's the phase where you should be learning what you need to know about a guy, or a couple of guys, not just trying to lock him down cause you think he's a decent dude. If you want to go from date to girlfriend just keeping dating other people a little longer than that man expects, trust me if he is really interested on that level and wants a girlfriend he will ask you to be exclusive with him.

My next key piece of advice. Keep your goodies to yourself, until you are both exclusive with each other.

I'm sure we've all had jumpoffs, men and women alike, but the likelihood of a jump-off becoming your wife? umm. Do I even need to answer that one.

So if u are dating a guy, and you tell him you are dating other people, then you let him smash, isn't he going to think you are letting the other dudes you are dating smash too? Maybe you are, maybe they are just your jumpoffs, but if he's the one you really want.. close your knees.

When you do become exclusive and you do give him the goods, knock his effing socks off.

Reveal yourself in layers!

Just cause you tell him you can cook, doesn't mean you need to start cooking for him everyday.. A surprise dinner every now and then is nice, but there is no point in volunteering all your services.. smh washing his clothes, paying his bills, cleaning his apartment.

Ma, what are you doing??? Why should he ever marry you??? You're already given him all the benefits without any of the requirements on his end. DUH ladies.. bad move.

Stay in your lane and slow your roll.

If he wants you to do more, and he knows you won't do it without deeper commitment,  he will step up his commitment game to get it.

But what if he doesn't, well then thats his loss then.. surely that's not any of your concern, and when you get tired of waiting, pump your brakes and gracefully bow out.

When you finally become a girlfriend still keep busy, maintain independence, maintain your own life, and your own friends, don't sit home every weekend waiting for him to call and make plans with you! Men are intrigued when you can't see them cause you have plans already! (but don't over do it.. lol he will wonder why you want to be in a relationship then)

Respect yourself and carry yourself with pride and dignity at all times.

Any good man will be able to see the good woman in you!

Don't be desperate, be patient, no matter how long it takes. 

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirls


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