The First Deadly Sin


Would you consider pride a fault or a virtue? That's what a friend of mine asked last night on Twitter.

I definitely think pride has an acceptable threshold, however Pride is a major fault when not put in check, it can get way out of control!

Its one of the 7 deadly sins AND WITH JUST CAUSE!!! It can ruin your life, literally...

Its what we West Indians often call, "cutting off your nose to spite your face"... heard of it? bet you have!

Pride is so dangerous because it is a mortal sin. Overindulgence in PRIDE evicts the holy spirit from your soul... and it destroys the charity in your heart

It's classically the main offender behind the “No one is going to tell me what to do”  attitude.

Pride is anti-authoritarianism at it worst! 

Well that's why your life is the way it is ladies and gentlemen, cause no one can tell you shit.

So those of you who walk around chests puffed out with inflated egos like your shit doesn't stink, how long have you been in your current miserable, unhappy, stagnant situation? C'mon now, tell the truth for once in your life, cause all your pride does is stifle your own growth and development and true happiness. You know its true, you need to stop faking jacks.

When you have too much PRIDE your ego can’t accept the idea that someone else in the whole entire world could possibly ever be wiser, more intelligent, or have more influence over you than you.

Here goes that whole belief that the sun rises and sets over your ass again.... I know you believe it does.. ok run with that. 

People with too much pride really do think they know EVERYTHING!

The number one problem with PRIDE is that it prevents people from seeking NECESSARY help and wisdom from others THAT THEY NEED TO GROW AND BECOME BETTER and it also keeps them from working effectively with others, cause they have funky attitudes and no one wants to be bothered with them! Sound like you? huh huh huh? No one is looking I promise, not even me. I'll close my eyes while you quickly nod yes to yourself.

However there is a solution. Overcoming PRIDE requires a commitment to HUMILITY.

HUMILITY does not mean self-deprecating or INSULTING yourself, so others can feel sorry for you and compliment you more!

I cannot stand when people do that. You want to put yourself down because you cannot get your own way, or because you are not right? Thats your business but it really only reveals that puffed chest is just a  facsade covering years of hurt, pain, and insecurities. You can't fool me, I'm a modern day supergirl, lol I have super powers and can see through smoke screens a mile away, no matter who else falls for your pride full cover up  you surely aren't really fooling anyone but yourself.

You ever talk to someone and not only do they refuse your help they follow it up with, "oh yeah its because i'm stupid that i cant do this on my own"...... ummm ok, no one said that but if thats how you feel more power to you then.. typically when someone does that they are looking for you to validate them, "no i dont think you are stupid at all, i'm sorry, i think you are great,  i just figured you could use a little help". "Well I dont need your help THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"

whew.. right.. ok. NEWFLASH: Everyone can use help at one time or another... but what would happen if you agreed with them? "umm yeah I do think you are too stupid to do it on your own thats why i'm helping you, stupid".. Surely they would have all kinds of words for you and probably curse you from here to kingdom come, another defense mechanism prideful people use to protect the fact that they are really hurt and their ego bruised beyond repair.  Only they can insult themselves and put themselves down, NOT YOU! Yeah that makes perfect sense.. smdh.

People need to give yourself some credit, stop overvaluing the things you aren't and undervaluing who you are. If you are unhappy with yourself don't shadow it with pride, go out and get those things that you think or know will make you feel happy or more valuable! Don't insult yourself, there are plenty of people in the world who already love to do that for you! You should be your # 1 cheerleader. If you aren't where you want to be, Tell yourself, "you know I am not where I want to be, but I are working on getting there and I am GOING TO MAKE IT".  It's all up to you to believe in and validate you, not anyone else.

Unfortunately most of us are our own worst enemies though, we doubt ourselves more than anyone else, we hide from ourselves more than anyone else, and we give up on ourselves quicker than a stranger would.

Giving God the credit HE deserves is the only antidote to sinful pride. Thank him for your gifts and build on them! He didn't give you gifts so you can constantly complain about how they aren't good enough. What would you do if he took them all away??? Would you be happy? He gave them to you so you can build on them and work towards the things you really want out of life!!! Stop being ungrateful, stop being jealous, stop being unsatisfied. Pride is the first step to all those roads. Put your pride and ego in check so your happiness  will eventually stop hiding and be your guiding light!

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl

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