Don't Look Back!

or you'll be turned to stone....

Step into your future free from all the burdens of your past.

If it were true that looking back would turn us to stone or a pillar of salt how many of us would be able to not do it?

I'm sure some of us question our own ability

Not looking back is such a difficult concept yet the most mentally freeing

A lot of people feel like their past protects them, but when you keep reliving the past all you are doing is making your past your new future

The past is heavy, it's deep, it weighs you down, Living in the past is like gearing up in your full knight armor just to go to the bathroom, it's totally unnecessary.

We have to learn to let go and walk forward without looking back

People look back out of fear of the future, becaude the future is uncertain and not guaranteed

But the past we know already and if things that happened in the past happened again we would know how to deal with them better than we did the first time. In essence we are more prepared to relive our past than we are to step into our futures

What a scary thought! You can just keep reliving your past over and over!! Because its what you have the most experence with and are most prepared to deal with! Again.. yet better..

Wow... I'd rather not.... and Im sure some of you would rather not either, the past is the past and thats exactly where it needs to stay!

Drop the armour, free yourself from the pain hurt and disappointment of your past, you do not have to carry it with you to the future.

Extract the lessons, but leave the incidents behind!

This is something so hard to do because when we are hurt in some way we sit and stew on how bad we felt, making us feel bad all over again even though the incident was 5 years ago, we aren't just holding on to the lesson we are holding onto the incident too. So if we end up in a place or with the person who caused the pain or hurt we are mad, so mad, hurt and angry all over again,  as if the incident is happening right then and there..

We give them unnecessary attitude and coldness because we are still carrying the hurt and pain as if its a fresh wound. Like pulling the scab off a cut. It never heals properly. You never healed properly, because you didn't allow yourself to...

How do we break the cycle? First within ourselves we have to find the source of the fear and tackle it! Ask yourself, What am I afraid of exactly? Why won't I forgive this person and myself for this situation?  What do I want to accomplish by holding onto the situation? How will my life be better if I forgive, and will my life be better if I don't forgive?

Look for hope and faith in the future, believe there is something greater for you in the future BUT the only way for you to get it is by letting go of the past. Its like a security blanket for us, if we ever want to go to a big girl or big boy sleepover and avoid being embarassed we have to leave the blankie at home! Don't we? it's the same thing.. You will never grow, never move forward, never find and test your strength. You have to step out with the faith that there is not a cliff ahead! And even if there is something will catch you!

No one is saying to forget, your total experiences make you who you are, but forgive because when you do you not only set your offenders free but also yourself from the bondage of the hurt and pain you experienced.

The LOVE DARE says, if you woke up and found yourself in the middle of a prison with the key right next to you, and all of the prisoners in this prison were every person who hurt you in your life, every situation that brought you pain, and the stipulation of using the key to free yourself was that it would automatically free all of them too.. would you use it? or stay in jail and suffer with them forever.

"Bag lady you're gon miss you bus, you can't hurry up, cause you've got too much stuff dragging round those bags like that! dont miss your bus, PACK LIGHT!

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl

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