Why women always want to talk.

A few years ago I attended a few sessions of the Rev Chris Burge ministry. He hosted a phenomenal always sold out series of christian based seminars targeted towards single, dating, engaged and married women looking for answers on men and why they do the things they do and say the things they say. In addition he also gave advice on what to do if the man you are with won't act right or won't do what he needs to do to keep you happy.

The title was something like, "All the things your girlfriends cant tell you about men". Woman sat attentively every month and wrote things down in pen and pencil on how to approach men and get them to really understand us and our feelings.

Back then I thought his answers were the most helpful advice ever and scribed away myself but the reality of his advice doesn't really pan out the way he said it would of course because every man is different and in retrospect it would been even more helpful if a woman co-hosted the seminar with him {Carrie Pink enter stage left}

So as new acting co host ; ) I wanted to dive right in with a heavy topic that women always bitch about and men scratch their heads about that he discussed in the first session I ever attended.

"Why women always want to talk and why men always don't want to talk"

First let me say this, My dudes for most woman talking is like the key to her soul. When a woman feels like she can talk to you she feels safe secure happy understood closer to you valued and more passionate about her connection to you.

For most women having successful conversations with you will make her happy, when a woman is happy with you she goes the extra mile to do things that make you happy too. She'll cook clean and have sex on demand when she's happy with you. And all types of other tricks i mean things lol

But a woman who feels like she can't talk to her SO and that every conversation leads to world war III she will not be happy, she will not feel close to you she will not feel like you understand each other she will feel like you don't value her words or her feelings and she definitely will not feel any reason to go out of her way for you, she will become very distant.

Its like giving someone the key to a treasure chest with everything they ever told you they wanted inside and watching take the key and throw it into the river like its nothing. TALK ABOUT A FEELINGS KILLER!

Men grow equally distant when their needs are not being met, when a woman is not feeding him, loving him or being intimate with him he too grows distant.

The result? Two people who are both heavily disappointed and frustrated with each other

Men and Women have different needs, the needs of men are more tangible, food, sex, hugs, kisses, they want to be greeted with excitement from their woman and their children when they get home from a hard days work, these things make men happy and make them feel valued.

The needs of women are more intangible, a listening ear even when she wants to vent, a shoulder to cry on, to be comforted and nurtured the way she nurtures others, to be appreciated and valued, to have their SO and children be respectful and mindful of all the hard work they do for their families and to be treated like a lady.

Some men catch this lesson early, if I constantly listen and make my woman happy she will make me happy, but if I hurt her, make her miserable and don't listen to her, she will do the same to me. Kudos to the men who figured out the jig saw puzzle that is WOMAN.

In the Chris Burge Series he said its a woman's approach and timing that determines the reaction of the man she is trying to speak to and he also said you cant expect your man to listen to you vent like he's your girlfriend because a mans first reaction is to fix the problem not just be there to listen, but now I realized his response to this topic was all wrong and pretty much all it did was just take the responsibility off of men to be equal partners with their woman.

I mean lets think about it? Why do women turn to their girlfriends??? BECAUSE THEY LISTEN AND PROVIDE SUPPORT!! Shouldn't that be what you get from your PARTNER? I mean if they can't listen and provide support whats really their purpose then? I mean c'mon son, if we have to sit through an entire YEAR of ESPN recaps of football basketball and baseball seasons the least a man can do is listen to us bitch for an hour every now and then, right ladies?!

But Chris wasn't married, so a lot of his advice was based on his parents marriage and of course grand ole speculation.. not from actual personal experience, so... you're probably asking so then why were so many women there listening to him then? *shrug* we were probably all excited at the fact that a man wanted to talk period.

Ladies and gents, tell me your thoughts? why do you think ladies want to talk and men don't? Does my theory make sense or am I way off base in your opinion?? and if you are a man that likes to listen, tell us why? what made you understand the value of this skill? Experience, or family teaching, or just something you realized just worked with the ladies?

Carrie Pink
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