No Love In Marriage? Or Is It Something Else?

BIG CED on Twitter put out a great blog called, Has The Love Been Taken Out of Marriage? I told him I'd be using him here so lets take a minute to read his thoughts. You can read the full article

"There was a time many years ago, when the union of 2 people, were born out of love for one another. Then from there, the creating of a life was the next step based on the feelings people had for each other. A child would be born created by love between two individuals based on natural instincts. This was once the norm where, sadly, today, it’s becoming the exception.

Nowadays, lust has taken over for the creating of life because, usually, IT's NOT PLANNED and/NOR EXPECTED between the individuals. The lack of protection and/or the lack of realizing the consequences have taken a giant step behind anything that would make sense.

Oftentimes, this leads to A MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE OR CIRCUMSTANCE (for the sake of the child and not because the love between the individuals initiated it) which, based on the reason for the union, often ends up in divorce or extreme bitterness between the former ‘lovers’. So, the natural sequence has been broken up in the name of lust.

If we can get back to the intricacies of what love between 2 individuals is supposed to about, then maybe marriage will be a real institution instead of a convenience for the results of unbridled lust." BIG CED

Carrie Pink 2 Cents √

While this may be true.. I'm not sure if the process of marriage now a days proves to be much different from the way marriages were instituted back in the day. How many of us were born 9 months OR LESS after our parents wedding???? I'm sure a lot of us could raise our hands or if not us our older sisters and brothers can!! I know mine can!!! lolol

I think the difference between marriages back then and the marriages now is the value system attached to them... AND the character of the individuals involved. Back then people really thought marriage was for LIFE and there had to be some seriously extreme circumstances for you to separate or *GASP* dare I say it, Divorce!!!

Divorce was such a taboo thing back then, as was being a single mother, you were FROWNED upon if you had a child out of wedlock and were often banished to the islands and felt ASHAMED if you became a young mother.

Those feelings are now obsolete. People do not feel ashamed to have or be a baby mama or baby daddy, they do not feel like they have failed if they quit on their marriage and they find divorce to be the #1 solution for a marriages differences.... So to Big Ced, no I personally don't think that love has been taken out of marriage, but I definitely feel like the true understanding and value and respect of the institute of marriage is what has DISAPPEARED!

To the point where some believe marriage is just the signing of papers and anyone can go and do that, right G? :(

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