Mz Berry- SCORES! Point for all the smart focused girls CHECK!

Is your relationship existing just for the cost savings benefit? Or do you truly have a partnership.

Last night on For the Love of Ray J, Ray picked Mz. Berry to be his girl from the season 2 group of women.

He said Platinum (the other finalist) reminded him of all the other girls he ever dated, and was a representation of the man he is right now, but Mz Berry is different than anyone he has ever dated and he just feels focused around her, she represents the man he wants to be and feels she is more what he needs right now.

First of all, this episode should almost bring tears to a lot of womens eyes, why because it should let every focused, grounded, smart, successful, non party hopping, passionate, professional, respectable single female out there know that there is HOPE for you yet! YOU CAN FIND SOMEONE WHO WANTS THE LIFESTYLE YOU HAVE TO OFFER!

A friend and I were talking on twitter this morning about how happy we are for Ray J's decision, he as a man understood that what he needs does not always correlate with what he wants. That's a mature move on his part.

He recognized a vital turning point in the life of a partying, groupied out man

If you want to BE different you have to DO differently! - Carrie Pink Quotes! POW!!

My friend started saying that yeah she's proud too that Ray picked Mz Berry and she will definitely mature Ray because men often fall into chasing the good time gals for way too long. She lives in LA and she said all the men out there are afraid of strong, focused women, but then they wonder why their relationships don't last.

so here's my 2 cents on her thoughts on that.

The man chasing the good time gal doesn't always know what the purpose of what a wife is supposed to be.

We all know that a strong woman can help develop a strong man, but thats only if thats what he wants for himself, if he doesn't want to be a strong man she will just appear like a way too serious stick in the mud who doesn't know how to have any "fun"

A wife is supposed to possess skills a man doesn't already have, thats how she becomes a value to him and a "suitable helper" for him.

So if all a woman can offer you are the same skills you already have or can do for yourself whats the point of having her and how is that a partnership?

In business if i'm an accountant and he's an accountant the only reason the two of us would ever open a business together is to extract the COST SAVINGS BENEFIT of opening a business WITHOUT having to do it on our own. Literally we are just spreading the risk of business ownership amongst two people. It's a partnership because there is more than one person involved but there really isn't any deeper value in the arrangment besides saving money.

Like people who only offer each other the same talents and skills but the fact that they both live in NY an expensive city makes them move in together to save money. neither one challenges the other one so in turn no one grows ;(

But if i'm an accountant & your a lawyer and we decide to open a business together SHOOT now you are creating a POWER shop, something valuable because we r each skilled differently but can pair together well! So if someone doesn't need my service maybe they need my partners service. There is real value in combining 2 things that are different. In ADDITION TO cost benefit savings!

Makes sense or no? Some people meet and marry situation 1 because they are at a point in their life where they don't want to be challenged, and then again some people just don't like challenges period, so that creates situation 1 as well. Is there anything wrong with that? hmmm I dunno. I like to be challenged and want to grow and be better, so of course I think its crazy lol, so I am probably the wrong person to ask.

Now what Women need to get the MEMO on is:

At certain times in men's lives they are lazy, they want it easy & just want to have fun, they don't want to have to work too hard with a woman, and they don't want to hear how they can be better or accomplish more, they just want to float through life and let the GOOD TIMES ROLL!

Thats just how they are at that moment and it has nothing to do with you, YOU ARE STILL SENSATIONAL, they would just rather have whats fun over whats mature. Taking on a mature women means becoming mature themselves and they may not want to right now. Its your job ladies that when you hear that to be ok with it and WALK AWAY! There is nothing to cry about, he isn't what you NEED anyway!

Then men reach a period in their lives or an age where they realize what was easy and fun doesn't always correlate with what they NEED in life in the long run. Sort of like Ray J's realization.

That's when you find a man who is ready to settle down, when he is ready to focus on what he needs! Some men get the memo earlier, some get it later, some never get it.

As a focused woman looking to settle down fishing in the pool of men who are still in their good time gal phase will get you no where!

Also a memo to all the good time gals out there who are married to good time guys, if you think the good times will roll forever be FOREWARNED when he or you matures if the other can't figure out how to mature in tandem its pretty much over.

So Ladies and Gents! Do you just want a cost benefit savings relationship or a true partnership?

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl


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