The Facebook and Phonebook/BBM Quagmire.

For those of you out there who use your facebook strictly for personal reasons I have a question for you.

Do you friend request or accept people that you just know whether you only knew their face from college, high school, junior high, and elementary school or do you only friend request or accept requests from people who you had personal relationships with?

I'm sure a ton of us if we went through our friend lists we would find a bunch of people who we might have had 2 or 3 in box exchanges with when you first found each other on facebook and then you never corresponded with them again. Do you keep these people as FB friends? Or nix them?

If you keep them why? If you nix them why?

What about your cell phones? I went through my cell phone yesterday and I have 533 contacts... umm yeah.. but I probably speak to less than 50 of them on a regular basis. In an effort to simplify my life I am syncing my phone to my computer and deleting 400 of those numbers tonight. 133 contacts are more than enough.

What about the beloved BBM? When I had a blackberry I realized more half of the people who I had BBM pins for weren't really my friends, just people I knew, and I only ever spoke to them when I was bored. I was more than happy to trade in my BBM, it was just another way to efficiently my waste time.

Does it perplex you when people freely give out their BBM pin in their status updates and on twitter. It perplexes me. Why do you want random people pinging you in the middle of the day lolol surely there is something much better and inspiring we can find to do with our time can't we? maybe, maybe not.

I feel like at times we add additional things or people to our lives in a way that is unnecessary. Do you agree or disagree?

Are you really ever going to call all these people you have numbers for? Are you really friends with them or just associates? It is possible to build strong relationships with so many?

Do you reaaly need to have an associates number in your phone or just having it in your computers address book good enough? What is the purpose to keeping them in the mix of your life, where you may be posting personal pictures from your life and of your kids, status updates on your mood and your day? Are these things you want to share with the world or someone who only knew you when milk would come out of your nose?

Are we looking for attention and want to be able to say we know a ton of people? Is Facebook an attempt for the unpopular to finally be popular? What is it about this site that makes you connect with and stay connected to people who for the most part you cared less about before their picture popped up in the people you may know window on the left?

I'm just saying. It might just be time for an early spring cleaning.

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl


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