Anti Valentines Day Edition

Although Yesterday was the day that many woman swoon for.... Its also a day that many others equally despise.

Friday I heard someone was having an anti-valentines day party...I assume its for all the cynics out there who don't believe in love or the ones who are just mad because they have no one to love or love them.

Then there is the crew who use the commercialism of the day to justify why they refuse to celebrate it even some men in relationships use this excuse to not be reamed out for not buying their "girl" a gift or flowers and say that its just another day to spend unnecessary money.

Here is what I have to say to all of you in those 3 categories above

Grow up and stop hating...

Couples are not the only people who should celebrate Valentines day, Love doesn't only have to be for us love is for everyone. Why cant you celebrate the love you have for your family? Or the love you have for your friends, how about the love you have for your children.... Ooor dare I even say it, the love you have for yourself?

If your main focus on a holiday about love is distracted by all the love you don't have in your life at the moments instead of all the love you do have, well then you really need way more than a Valentine, you need some counseling.

I'm sick of all the pity parties, especially the I don't have a man so I hate Valentines Day people, I bet if you had a man and he was spoiling you you'd love Valentine's Day then.

Think about the message you are sending about yourself... "I can only be happy about the day of love if I am sharing it with someone of the opposite sex, otherwise I hate this holiday and everyone who enjoys it"... Whomp whomp how pathetic and jealous you would sound.

Before I had a fiance, my daughter was always my Valentine and before I had a daughter My girlfriends and I celebrated V -day just because of the love we had for ourselves.

If you cant appreciate and celebrate the love you have for yourself on the day dedicated to showing love how can you ever expect to receive and appreciate the love of someone else? Self Love is so valuable especially on Valentine's Day, if you can't express it then, maybe you haven't truly fallen in love with yourself at all.

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl


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