My Pretty World


Expect to see WAY MORE of me in 2010!!!

My Life, My World, and My Brand will all be SKYROCKETING to the next ring of the STRATOSPHERE!!!

Are you with me???

So here's an EXPLOSIVE sneak peak into all that I will be working on this year and beyond...

(gosh FB needs some glittery sparkles and sound effects right now!)


Why am I sharing my goals with you? Well I feel like too many people are afraid to say what their dreams are out loud, fear of theft I assume, or lack of positive support, but because my destiny is my destiny sharing it with you cannot stop that...I am not afraid. I need the haters to hurry up and reveal themselves, EARLY.. I'm Carrie Pink, you can't steal me.. lol Plus if I am bold enough to claim it, IT WILL BE!

If you haven't figured it out by now I am sitting on ideas for a very Pretty and Pink Empire! And I am going to build it BRICK by BRICK... My 3 fold operation is expected to take magnificent shape.. It takes time, but I've got tenacity so don't worry. POW!

Carrie Pink - The person...

In 2010 I will continue to write notes daily and post them to my blogsite ... last year I wrote well over 100 notes. 61 were posted to my site, this year my goal is to write and post 200 to my site.

On to the next one..

I will also be submitting my favorite notes from last year as writing samples to pursue freelance writing gigs for some of your favorite mags...and a few you probably haven't read yet as well ;)

I also plan to start a video blog on YOU TUBE! The frequency of that blog is TBD. But look for it coming soon, "Kitchen Chronicles with Carrie Pink" (Alysia your check is in the mail)

@carriepink Yes that's me on Twitter.. for 2010 I'm going to keep tweeting! lol ; ) and using it full force as the marketing tool it really is..

Also starting a book.... teeheehee the ladies are going to love it.

Pretty World Inc- The way Carrie Pink executes her missions...

This year you will also see a whole lot more of PWI. The Pretty World Inc Monthly Empowerment Series was great in 2009 and will be twice as good in 2010! The next session is Saturday January 16th at 10:00am we will meet again at Columbia University in the Business School "Let's Make You A Better You!! Seminar, lets start the new year with a major BANG and a PLAN!"

This seminar will focus on GOALSETTING for the next year and DREAMSETTING for the next 5 years, and its being sponsored by Mass Mutual Financial Group!

So yes that's another major goal of mine, to get as many seminars sponsored in 2010 and beyond as possible.. Right now I'm looking for a March sponsor... February is already covered.

In the process of pursuing my 501c3 designation and just received the O-K to license out another non profits designation until mine is done.. YAY! So if you are a part of an organization or corporation reading this and want to sponsor me, no worries you will still get your write off! YAY!

PWI will also be launching a e-newsletter this year to increase my base and help create more Supergirls!

Lastly PWI has been going into public high schools to mentor young ladies and men and will continue with that program in 2010.

Cotton Carrie- you are what you wear..

A line of motivational apparel.. how can apparel be motivational? just wait and see. FALL 2010 with a sneak preview Summer 2010..

Ok so that's my sharable list for 2010. everything else is none ya lol

WHATS ON YOUR LIST!? Bring it Jan 16th.. Don't be shy if it isn't as crazy as mine, I am an overly obsessive overachiever perfectionist... with an EXTREME TYPE A UBER OPTIMIST personality.

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl

P.S. btw yes I still have a 9-5, take care of 3 kids, a hubby, and still find time to cook, clean, wash and iron.

"You can be all things.. just not all at the same time" - Halle Berry


Jazzynickel said...

Carrie, girl you are doing the d@mn thing!!! ;)

I'm still blown by this part:

"P.S. btw yes I still have a 9-5, take care of 3 kids, a hubby, and still find time to cook, clean, wash and iron."

How do you do it?! I need a seminar on that right there...

Ok, in all seriousness, I admire you and hope all your dreams see the light of day (It's hard to doubt they will). I'll continue to follow, be inspired and give my support in anyway I can.


Carrie Pink, Modern Day Supergirl said...

GRACIAS!!! I could give a seminar on it.. but all I could say is I just do. I am starting to believe I was born this way!

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