How to Live Beneath Your Means

Spend less money than you make. Sounds quite simple doesn't it?
During my budget workshop in November I asked people to keep track of OR approximate all their spending for 1 month.

We learned that about half of the people in the room were spending more than they make. Literally when we added up all their expense categories there was more money being spent than being made. How is this possible? Its called robbing peter to pay paul, allowing one or more bills to back up while u pay another creating a never ending cycle for yourself of backed up bills late payments and interest.

Well then how does one learn to live beneath their means and what does that really mean? Does it mean you cheat yourself of fun and never get to enjoy the money you work so hard for, No, not forever... But there may be a period of time where u must sacrifice fun for future security... And that time can start today.

How long should it last? However long it takes to get you on track. For some that will be 6 months for some it will be 2 years, maybe you want to buy a house, well u must live beneath your means to save to get it.

Most people live high on the hog when they have money and struggle like a pauper when they have none. On Fridays when they get paid they're going to buy an outfit, get their hair and nails done and spend some more money on dinner drinks and a cab to treat themselves!!

Now two weeks have passed its the Thursday before the next payday and they are eating ramen noodles and tap water they are so broke.

This splurging being irresponsible and putting the wants of fun above the needs of consistency, is just another type of living above your means, we should be living a consistent lifestyle no matter how close or far away from payday we are, that means not spending your entire paycheck the same weekend you get it and budgeting out for the next two weeks money to live so you can actually have a good full meal the night before a payday.

Most who are living above their means know they are they just dont know by how much.... For most the reality sinks in when a number is attached and that makes people sit up and take notice...

Keep track of all your spending for a month and at the end of the month highlight everything that was not a need and add it up!!!

You can do the same thing with your bank statements to get an even clearer idea of money you are spending by debit that's not a need.

The number may shock you and don't try to self justify things you know were only wants, you aren't fooling me or anyone else only yourself

Since these items are typically splurge spur of the moment spends and not recurring transactions all you really have to do is work on your will power to stop going the places that cause you to spend, like I had to unsubscribe from Jcrew mailing list.

Another thing you may need to do is learn how to say NO. I love you but I cannot come to your b-day dinner, I would love to buy you a gift but here is a nice card, and I love your kids but I cannot buy them any gifts either, I have to secure my own future, not save face for you cares. Who cares if someone calls you cheap.. unless they are going to feed you or help you buy your house, it shouldn't matter what they think.

Then you need to find a way to cut your expenses and maybe not give up all the luxuries in your life but you definitely need to give up some!!!

Getting your hair and nails done every week is a LUXURY!!! NOT A NECESSITY It may seem like a NEED NOW but it never was back in the day and doesn't have to be now... I remember my mom painting her nails at home every week, sometimes even twice a week and only went to the nail/ hair salon for her birthday and weddings.

Now people think they DESERVE to have someone else paint their nails every week or roller set their hair.. What were you all doing before the BOOM of the Dominican Hair salon???? ... Save ur $12 manicure money + $3 tip and have $60 by the end of the month. $720 by The end of the year from just manicures alone, imagine if you skip just one wash ans set a month how much more you can add!

There was a story in EBONY about a girl who did her hair and nails herself for 1 year and saved $30,000!!!!!!

So she bought a house... Wrap your arms around that! Just from saving her hair and nail money, just living in an apartment and own a house? Shoot. That's worth the sacrifice for me.

Again, just a little something for you to think about.

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl


Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

Carrie Pink, Modern Day Supergirl said...

Thank you ;0)

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