Is it just me or is Haiti, a foreign country, receiving more aid and more support at a faster rate than New Orleans did for Hurricane Katrina in America, from America?

Is this a lesson learned by the US and our emergency response teams or is this an International Politics good will publicity stunt?

I do wonder if its possible that in this time of crisis our powers that be knew that if the US didn't step up first it would be frowned upon by their international affiliates which could pose a significant impact politically and economically to the US standing in the world, which has already suffered substantially from global disinvestment, a much more significant impact than any domestic disaster which politically and economically only affects our own people...

Thoughts, comments? At the end of the day, regardless of motive Thank God those people will get the help they need. Amen.

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl


Frantzie said...

It all boils down to who's running our country now. I hate to find fault, but Bush wasn't too quick to respond to Katrina or 9/11 and I guess the US Government has learned from his mistakes. Obama's aware of what needs to be done especially in the EARLY terms of his career. Either way GLAD they are getting HELP!

Timothy Prolific Jones said...

I think that through Katrina, the government & the American people have learned how deadly apathy can be. It is tragic that it took such a loss of life and great amount of suffering for us to learn that lesson.

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