The Audacity of Hope and Prayer, Carrie Pink Style

"Anyone who wants to change can change themselves, Anyone can move past selfishness and learn to serve others. Anyone can recognize the good in others and try to emulate it. Anyone can pull themselves up out of poverty, get an education, and learn to rely on the merits of prayer. Not only can you, but you must. If you want to improve your relationships and your life" Trey Morgan

I wish this could fit on a license plate because it would totally be on mine!! How do you guys feel about these words? They ring so true so strong so loud! (to me)

Its true you really can do all of those things and it really will improve your life in the long run, however the lessons ingrained in this message can often take some way longer while enduring much more pain and suffering than others

I used to call myself lucky but I realize now that its really been tremendous blessings. There is no such thing as luck, "Luck" is powered by the G-O-D.... which automatically makes it a blessing then doesn't it?

God is so amazing and he puts people, places, and things around that you often do not understand until years later.

Happenstance does not exist.

Your life is a direct effect of your relationships, of choices and decisions taken or not taken, your attitude, and the consequences of it all.

Every action has a reaction and you can never control the reactions of others to something you've said or done, only the actions of yourself so move and speak slowly and wisely

When life throws us a boomerang and we begin to reap the fruits of the bad seeds we have thrown People often look for a way to point fingers at others as to why life has become so bad or when things don't go as planned but rarely will we look in the mirror.

Why aren't we looking in the mirror? Don't we know we reap what we sow and we always reap it worse than we sow it. A few bad seeds can produce 10 times the amount of fruit!!!

So ask yourself what did I do OR NOT DO to help keep my hopes and desires from happening for me? What did I do to someone else that is now coming back to bite me in the ass 10 times as bad?

Faith with no works equals nothing, no results. You cannot sit on your butt all day and keep asking God for things to happen and life to change or an opportunity to come when you aren't doing even the bare minimal amount of work yourself to make it happen.

How do we expect that to work? I want to own a business or I want to do something better with my life but I have no idea how, why, or what kind, I've have done no research on how to receive it, make it happen, better, nothing... Smh and u expect something to happen?

Why? Because u prayed about it?

Sometimes your condition has to change before your situation can. You need to know whether or not and how something will work for you before an opportunity comes, it doesn't make sense to receive an opportunity when your unprepared to receive it.

Prayer alone cannot prepare you, hope alone cannot prepare you. Don't blame them when things fall apart.... figure out your role in it all and whether or not you held up your end of the deal!

Have you??

Just a little something to think about isn't it?

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl


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