Michael and Marcel Brea

Yesterday morning I was helping a friend locate his mom who had been missing for 5 days, and last night I've been praying for another friend who has killed his mother. My heart goes out to the Brea family for their loss, this tragedy, and the confusion they both, Michael and Marcel, must be dealing with at this hour.

I've known Michael and Marcel Brea since high school, better acquainted with Michael than I was with Marcel. Michael was just the more outgoing twin, always friendly, always smiling, always cracking up. He and I both worked in the Dean's office back then..I was a peer mediator for the Dean and well I think Michael just liked to hang out there.. lol

The twins were always dressed to impress in school, lots of girls liked them and of course our ignorance led us to believe they were Hispanic, not Haitian. They never caused any trouble in school as far as I can remember and everyone definitely knew who they were.. you would definitely call them popular.

After High School everyone went their separate ways until one day I'm sitting in orientation for a new job at Citibank and Michael is sitting across the room from me in 2002. Of course once seeing someone you know in an unfamiliar setting automatically makes you feel more at ease. Michael and I had been hired to work in the same department and had gotten the same shift. For almost a year he and I took turns car-pooling back and forth to work. We both lived in Brooklyn and worked in Melville Long Island. I didn't have a car then so he drove the majority of the time picking me and another girl up in his 1970/80 Benz and driving us home daily.

I will never forget, one day Michael wanted to go to a check cashing place so we stopped somewhere on the North Conduit. On the back of his drivers license was a photo booth sticker picture of him and his current girlfriend. Our other co-worker and I were like awwwwww that's soo sweet Michael.. he told me she was a student at Hunter College.. Co-incidentally at the time so was I, so the next day I had class and made it my business to find and introduce myself to his girlfriend.

After leaving Citibank we've only spoken 2 times, once while he was working at Pri-America and once while he was at Geico.

I know that this tragic incident is one that will have everyone looking at Michael like some deranged psycho killer and I probably would be the same way if I didn't know him personally, but for all the years I knew Michael in HS and the all the times we were car-pooling back and forth driving those hour long drives each way to and fro Long Island this is nothing I could have ever even seen coming. I don't even think I've ever seen Michael angry.  From what I know of him, this is totally out of character for him, but you can never know the depths of someone's temper if you've never seen them angry.

People are always so quick to judge, the comments that I have seen in relation to his story have been sooo disgusting. I can't even believe how ignorant people are, he wasn't some psycho immigrant who always had the potential to be a killer, like what?! He was a chill dude, always hustling hard to make money, Citibank, Pri-America and Geico were all low salary plus commission jobs, and he had the gift of fab so he did well.

Despite the crime committed all I'm saying is that this is someone's brother, someone's uncle, and someone's friend. I don't know what made Michael snap and neither do any of you..

I'm lifting his family up in prayer today, Michael, because he needs it right now and his twin Marcel because he must be in a whirlwind of confusion at this situation, at the end of it all Michael is still his twin brother....

Carrie Pink


MISSING PERSON! Yvette Gardner, MOM of who many of you may know  and a close friend to my family, LonYe West, @MrInkrebleNYC.

Please contact him if you have seen her! http://plixi.com/p/58678197 She was last seen wearing a brown coat and scarf on Flatbush Junction. ANY INFO WOULD BE APPRECIATED! 

Good morning. I would like to ask for everyone's help with something extremely important.

As of friday, my Mother, Yvette Gardner hasn't been seen or heard from. I officially filed a missing persons' report on Sunday night. The detectives at the 71st precinct are doing all they can, but I need as many eyes and ears to the streets as humanly possible.


That is a recent picture of her. She was last seen wearing a brown coat and scarf around the intersections of Flatbush & Nostrand Avenue. If you or anyone you know has seen her within the past few days, please give us a call at 347.866.6673

Send this to whoever you can via bbm,fb, twitter or any medium where it can spread quickly.

Thanks to everyone that's been checking on me and thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Say a prayer for us.


Carrie Pink

What's unforgivable these days?

photo courtesy of www.catchcheatingsecrets.com
LYING; CHEATING; BETRAYAL; DISRESPECT;...on 2nite's "Fame Fortune's READY READY RADIO" our 'Fortune Cookie' is: "what's unforgivable for you in a relationship?" Has cheating become more accepted? Are standards set too low when it comes to significant others TUNE IN/CALL UP 347.215.7382 TO HEAR THE SHOW (press #1 to talk) on www.smackthattalkradio.com w/@mypinkmonkey & @drebless Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

This was the topic last night on Smack That Talk Radio HOSTED BY! Pink Monkey and Dre Bless

The questions were,
1. what's unforgivable in a relationship?
2. has cheating become more acceptable?
3. Are standards set too low when it comes to significant others?

Here's my thoughts.

Whats unforgivable in a relationship will vary from person to person and relationship to relationship.. there is no cut and dry answer, no right, no wrong answers, its all based off of choice, nature of the relationship, level of commitment, length of time committed, depth of interdependency etc...  what's forgivable for one may be unforgivable to another.. and vice versa.. it all depends on you.. whether its lying, cheating, betrayal or disrespect, we all have a threshold and once its met that's it.. we're gone. for some the threshold is 1 infraction, no forgiveness no nothing.. for others its 2 infractions..forgive only once, not twice.. for others forgiveness is almost unlimited.*shrug* people all have to live with the choices they make.

Has cheating become more acceptable??? And are the standards set too low when it comes to significant others, I sure hope not... Cheating is another one of those topics where the factors vary and thus so will the forgiveness.. If we've only been together 3 months and you cheat that's one thing, but if we've been together 5 years that's a whole other thing, there is much more invested. If we are married, have children...that makes it even harder, the state of our relationship at the time... all of those factors SHOULD play a part in whether you forgive a cheater, liar, disrespect-or.. as well as to whether the cheater, liar, disrespect-or is actually remorseful, is not a constant repeat offender.ALWAYS LOOKING FOR FORGIVENESS... For some... cheating is the ultimate sin and the is NO forgiveness... Period..

We have to realize too that even if the title of the relationship is only significant other that doesn't define the depth of the relationship or make it easier to forgive or NOT forgive.. Oh we've been together 6 years, he cheated, but since he's only my boyfriend, I'm out... ummm right.. lie to yourself if you want to... title is not and should not be the factor of what and how you forgive in my opinion.. humans screw up and make mistakes.. some of them should be forgiven, some should not... its a personal judgment call

but I will tell you this,  broken trust which is the underlying consequence of a cheater, liar, disrespect-or and is very hard to rebuild honestly I don't know if I believe that it ever builds back as strong as it was before...because you can always forgive, but most people never forget.

Carrie Pink

About ICL and Pretty World Inc's Turkey Drive

This Thanksgiving PWI will be raising money for the Institute for Community Living Inc. (ICL), http://www.iclinc.net/, HUD and HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS) funded programs located in the East New York section of Brooklyn, NY. This organization needs to collect 30 Turkeys for their residents who will each host individual thanksgiving dinners for their respective families.  PWI has commited to donating 10 turkeys, but help us exceed our goal to give all 30!

Institute for Community Living Inc. (ICL), http://www.iclinc.net/

The Mission of the Institute for Community Living Inc. (ICL) is to assist individuals and families affected by or at risk for mental and developmental disabilities with services and support designed to improve their quality of life and participation in community living.Very simply, ICL's programs and services strive to help individuals and families overcome obstacles, achieve goals and reach their fullest potential. For that reason, ICL has pioneered new rehabilitation and preventive care approaches like residential treatment for individuals who are mentally ill and chemically addicted and wellness self management for people with serious physical as well as behavioral conditions.
The Institute for Community Living touches the lives of 8,000 men, women and children each year. Most of ICL's programs are located in New York City, where ICL has been a leader in developing and implementing best practice, evidence-based recovery and treatment services. With over 100 programs, ICL's staff strives to create a safe and caring environment for people with histories of homelessness, mental illness, developmental disabilities, chronic health conditions and/or substance abuse, helping them to take charge of their lives. Many of these individuals and families – veterans, parents, families and single adults – have nowhere else to turn. In times of challenge and crisis, local residents in need of treatment, support and/or advocacy rely on ICL.
 Preserving and strengthening families is a bedrock goal of ICL. Having a wonderful holiday meal means the world to our children and will help brighten the holidays for them and their families. We appreciate your generosity!

Pretty World Inc

Ladies who are you dressing for?

Photo Courtesy of The Urban Daily
Women love to believe that all the things we do to beautify ourselves, make-up, hair, outfits, shoes, bags, shades, nails,  etc etc etc are impressive to men.. and while this may be true for some detailed oriented, keeping yourself red carpet ready may be a priority for some men, most men do not even realize nor care as much as we think they do... in essence women don't really go to the high line of beauty to impress men, but for the most part they are consciously or sub consciously doing it to impress themselves or other women..

We as women are our own worst critics, a woman who tear down another woman's outfit, hairstyle, in a heartbeat, 10 times faster than she would give another woman a compliment, especially if she is off-point herself... why? lord only knows... Women are naturally competitive in some ways more than men... our level of competition seems to be so multifaceted; we want to be the sexiest, the smartest, the freakiest, the prettiest, the most stylish, the realest, the coolest, the most down to earth, the most conceited, the best cook, the best cleaner, the best dancer, the most independent... face it ladies, some of us have issues.. we want to be perfectionists!!!

But how do men really feel about the things we like or find impressive for ourselves.. and are we really doing it to impress them, ourselves, or each other?

Hair:  this is the topic of the 21st century..there was a time when no one wore weaves and short cuts were cool and cute, but now it seems like everyone has one.. I still don't understand what makes a woman want to wear a weave all the time and when did that become the standard for black hair? Well Essence Magazine surveyed black men to ask them how they feel about it our hair.

56% of black men say they are bothered by weaves and fake hair. "A weave says you are insecure with your own hair and ashamed of what God gave you." Nate-30

Now ladies don't kill Nate...

69% of black men said they don't care about the length of your hair as long as it looks good on you (so the 16,18,20,22 inches really is a waste of your money if you think that's what men like.. seems like it's only impressive when you grew it yourself)

22% of black men said they "hate" our head scarves..  (and that 22% will get over it, unless they want us to sleep upright in a chair all night or look like who dun it and ran in the am!)

Stretch Marks: We as women CRINGE at the thoughts of stretch marks and cellulite! We salve on cocoa butter like we own stock in it hoping to reverse the affects of the awwwful stretch mark! We pray to GOD that the delivery of our children will not leave us with a web of stretchmarks that leaves us unable to ever show our stomachs again in life! But how do men feel about them?

Essence Survey Says!

53% of black men could care less about your stretch marks.  (and FYI.. if you deliver his child and earn stretch marks as a byproduct, and he has a problem with them.. KICK HIM)

Intelligence: wanting to be the smartest crayon in the box may be impressive to your school teachers but how does it fare with the opposite sex.. we all have seen the Jessica Simpsons of the world with great guys and ask ourselves, how, why? She's dumb as a doornail!

Well ladies the men have spoken... it seems like for some being extra smart just isnt important to them.. the #1 trait that mattered to black men??

48% said LOYALTY.. Intelligence was on the most important to 14%..

So ladies that information should tell you something? Maybe its time you put the lip gloss aside, ur video vixen outfits, and the newton theory on relativity and just focus on whats inside? So when the time comes you can be that supportive, loyal partner he really wants and needs...

That is all.

Carrie Pink
Modern Day Supergirl

Does YOUR Vote Count?

In 2008 we have the second largest Youth Voter turnout in American History (except for 1972 when 18 year old's were first given the right to vote), 2008 we had the highest black voter turn out in American History.. in 2008 the highest black woman vote in American History (Black people ACTUALLY OUTNUMBERED all other voters)  yet yesterday 2010 we have a measly 4% of African Americans voting... We have the republicans in control of congress and only a minor advantage of democrats in the Senate (51 Dem, 47 Rep, 2 Indy)

Once again we are all bark and no bite... We have not done all that we needed to do to support our President and give him the ammunition he needs to distribute the change we all hoping and waiting for... We have failed him and ourselves.

The great efforts and measures, the leaps and bounds we all took to get President Obama in office are slowly trickling out with the bath water... we've already lost our spark and our interest in the political process in regards to these mid term elections...

Most of us do not even understand how the midterm elections affect the power of the President...

Yesterday while talking to people about the elections and going out to vote I felt like we were in the year 2000... I heard so many people say, "Oh I don't vote.. it doesn't count for anything anyway"

Are you guys kidding me!?! after the 2008 election people have reverted back to this mantra?! In 2008 you saw Your votes count! Because  YOU MADE IT COUNT....

Here's the problem that I find with most people who use this excuse.. Typically when they do vote... if they vote.. they go to the polls and that's it.. they disappear from the political arena never to be seen until the next election. They sit back fold their arms and wait for the elected official to do all the things that they said they would do.. they sit back and wait for everything to fall into a pretty political picture.. and when it doesn't and that candidate isn't fulfilling any of the promises he said he would, they sit back and still do NOTHING.

BIG MISTAKE.... if there is one thing I have learned in my 12 years as a voter is your job doesn't end at the ballot box!

These elected officials where ever they sit have NO IDEA the issues happening in your community IF YOU DON'T TELL THEM! When things are happening in your area you have to RUN IT UP THE FLAGPOLE! Start with the Alderman, the the City Council, Assemblyman, THE CONGRESSMAN who's office is usually in walking distance from your house! We have to start voicing our needs and FOLLOW UP until the needs are met! You have to attend public hearings, community board meetings, protest when there is 101 liquor stores in your area the same way they protest on the lower east side!

Change doesn't just happen because we say it should, it has to be initiated, fought for and followed up on... why would a political system which has operated the way it operates just influence change for the people WITHOUT THE PEOPLE ASKING FOR IT? And following up with it UNTIL THEY GET IT..

Learn how to use the political system to your advantage to improve your community and your life while you live in it!

I really think people just don't understand, hold your elected officials responsible for their promises!!! Call and complain when they roads need paving, when the schools are overcrowded, when you get too many parking tickets on the same street, when a streetlight is out, when the sewers are blocked, when sidewalks are not cleaned, when there's graffiti, whatever it is, let your elected officials know you CARE about your community!

Most of them think we don't care because they never hear from us, which is why when in office they can push through whatever political agenda they want because none of us are paying attention to them anymore! We aren't questioning them or asking to be filled in...

I always compare the level of community involvement in the neighborhood where I live compared to the neighborhood I work in... where I work public hearings are filled to capacity with residents concerned about whats happening next in their area..... Where I live? we're lucky if 10 people show up... There is a subway station in my neighborhood that recently lost it's token booth clerk.... the signs regarding the hearings were up for months.. I'm embarassed to even write how many people showed up to protest it's removal..

When are we really going to start BEING ABOUT IT and getting in the political arena.. AS ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS.. not just side liners!

I'll tell you this, the modern day supergirls have their eyes on all these newly elected officials and we will be calling their bluff and checking their checklists! it's no longer the time to side and wait.. it's time to work with those in office to get our critical neighborhood issues on the table and their agenda!


Do you keep it Classy? Or Trashy?

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

The one thing that money can't buy... and no school can teach!

No matter how much education you have, how much money you make, how fly you think you are, if you don't have class *shrug* then you're just *shrug*

I'm sure you've heard people say oh this person  (Carrie Pink.. cough) is oh so classy, compared to hearing oh this person (insert a lame-o's name here)  is oh so trashy. Lol

So we know its the opposite of trashy for starters.

But what makes one classy? Behavior? Attitude? Presentation? Appearance?

A Modern Day Supergirl is always classy! But how do we do it you ask?

Being Classy is not about being stuck up.. lets not confuse the two.. although they both take uber confidence.. trashy people can be stuck up too..

Classy is a total sum of character traits that represent you.. You define them... live and breathe them... you can't shake them, because they are you and you are them lol.

Let's review them class..

1. You treat folk the way you'd want to be treated, you have self respect and respect others..

2. You choose your battles and your friends carefully. (because there are few battles actually worth fighting over)
3. You captivate others with your words, because you rarely use them to insult, gossip or slander, you uplift, speak honestly but not crassly.
4. You're independent and hold your own. You aren't a user or a leech... cause thats just whack. Parasites should be burned.
5. You're comfortable in your own skin, own clothes and own shoes.. Your style is original to you, it's classic, clean and sexy.. you cringe at the thought of looking inappropriate or tasteless.
6. More often than not, you're wise, knowledgeable, open minded and a star in personal development. You understand you are a work in progress and work towards being better daily.
7. You are considerate, generous and responsible. Cause being a tight ass, a cheapskate or selfish is never classy.
8. You carry a positive outlook and attitude, it radiates from you to others. No one wants to be around a constant complainer or a Debbie Downer!!!
9. You smile often, you are not loud and obnoxious, you receive compliments well and give them in return, pretty much folk ENJOY being around you.
10. You're real.. all the time.. the program doesn't change, being classy isn't an act, 10 years from now you will be even classier, always on the uphill climb.. You live a life that you are proud of.. phony and deceptive aren't even in your vocabulary..

Sounds like you?? SAY I!

Carrie Pink
Modern Day Supergirl

Parents, Teachers, Students and Facebook!

Photo Courtesy of The New York Post, Teacher accused of inappropriate conduct

As if being a parent wasn't hard enough already..

Enter facebook stage left.

When I think about how many teenagers have facebook and the things they say and pictures they post it makes me worry about the teenage years of my own children...

How do parents control and monitor their child's facebook use? I hope you are monitoring! There are crazies out there...

I guess my initial question really is why do your kids need facebook accounts at all?!?!?!?! Go to your friends house, play outside, talk on the phone, like NORMAL teens and get off the computer.

Because now parents, we don't only have to worry about crazy random individuals from middle America seducing your child on facebook now we have actual teachers on facebook connecting with their own students inappropriately... so we all know as a teacher on school grounds conduct must be controlled, but you just come on facebook and let loose on peoples son's and daughter's???

I'm sorry these "teachers" >>cough<< pedophiles... need a little bit more than a pink slip...


what do you guys think?

Carrie Pink
Modern Day Supergirl

From the Ask Carrie Files: How many is too many?

photo courtesy of google images

A question came into the Ask Carrie Box... How many sexual partners is too many for a woman before you stop taking her seriously?

Now I am probably the worst person to ask this question to, because unlike most I don't stand to either side of this topic. What number is too high? No number and every number... Its seems mostly relative to how many partners the man has had himself that make him feel a way about how many a woman should have.... And her acceptable number is always lower than his!

So if he only had 5, she shouldn't have more than 3 but it he's had 20 she shouldn't have more than 10.. I wonder what number like rappers have? Being that their number is usually in the hundreds....

Men are known for the "want to have my cake and eat it too" syndrome, you guys always seem to want a freaky woman who is open-minded and handles her business in the bedroom yet somehow you seem to want her to have that mindset having never had sex with anyone before you... or you want to be the best thing to have hit her thus far.. (pun intended)

Basically guys are just biased and unjust... Men look at the number of women they slay as a badge of honor and manhood, while women should look at it as a shroud of dishonor and humiliation!

Bump that! Ladies are sexual creatures too and unless you guys are out there slinging other men, chances are every new notch in your belt means another woman is boinking...duh

Maybe women should start disqualifying men by their number of women they slayed too then maybe yall wouldn't be as proud of your hoe-isms.

I think it should has less to do with the number and more to do with her level of privacy regarding her business.. and her behavior in the street.... how does she carry herself?  That what you should be judging her on... If you wouldn't know how many men a woman slept with unless she told you there should be no reason to not take her serious, if fact maybe she shouldn't take you serious for being so immature about a topic that has absolutely no impact on the quality of your future relationship.

Obviously if you heard about her consistently for years before you met her..or she screwed everyone you know,  then yeah maybe you shouldn't take her home to mom dukes..but then again even Superhead has a husband now lololol.. so I guess hoes really can be housewives *shrug*

A woman may talk about being a freak or may want to be a freak, but surely don't expect her to know to do those things remaining a virgin.

just my thoughts.

Carrie Pink
Modern Day Supergirl

Parent Involvement = Child Success

photo courtesy of google images

This morning I had a parent meeting at my daughter's school. My daughter is 6 years old and in the 1st grade gifted class. The teacher said I'm looking forward to us working together, but I'm sure that won't be a program, this is the Soar class, the parents are typically way more involved.


The parents of the "gifted" students are typically way more involved? As opposed to the kids in a regular class? And the kids are already classified as gifted?She went on to explain that she had taught regular 1st grade as well and it was always just a few parents really  involved with a full vested interest.

This may seem like common information to some, in the education and social service field, but as a regular parent just trying to do my part, I was surprised. My BFF told me there is tons of research where we would be able to prove that involved parents produce more academically successful students... upwards of 60-70% more successful..

Could it be? The secret formula to student achievement isn't in the teacher at all but its in you the parent and your level of involvement in your child's education???

Funny because when a child is doing bad in school academically parents are usually quick to blame the teacher but this new information shows that parents too should be held equally responsible for their child's F. Few sit back and ask what they can do better to help their child learn or even better what haven't they done that they should be doing?

As I sat in the meeting listening to these 12 gifted kids parents ask questions on how to help reinforce math concepts and reading comprehension... I wondered what went on in the regular kids parent meeting? And why isn't this message, "YOUR CHILD WILL DO BETTER IF YOU GET INVOLVED"  isn't plastered all over every homework packet, review sheet, report card.. it may seem like common sense to you and me, but trust me when I tell you.. common sense isn't very common.

Teaching and learning doesn't and shouldn't end with the teacher, he or she is just the initial tool, parents have to realize they are teachers too, if your child learned a new concept in school and don't understand it, don't wait until they go back to school, still not understanding the concept, but waiting to have the teacher explain it again, help the teacher do her job by doing your job! Reinforce the concepts and explain it to your kids so they go back to school fully understanding it and can now apply it in class.

Last year when my older daughter was in a "regular class" and had a parent meeting only 5 parents showed up... I remember constantly being in contact in her teacher on her progress etc etc throughout the year and still only seeing those same 5 parents on trips and in class activities to the point where she would just ask us to be the ones to come participate on trips and in class events.

We had an in class feast at the end of the year and she wanted each kid to be able to sit at the feast table with one parent.. Again the same 5 parents.. That's it.

I know we all have to work, granted, yeah me too,  but where is the sacrifice? Or the reinforcement to even just letting them know that you care about their education!? The teacher even said she had a number of students who's parents she could never even get on the phone or to come in for a meeting...

Parents really? If that's your attitude towards dealing with your kids education, what do you think their attitude will be towards it?

They learn a lot of their habits from you, good and bad, and  parents need to not only recognize but remember that daily...

Carrie Pink
Modern Day Supergirl

The Buppie Movement

As we all strive to be more successful and wealthier than the next guy.. and choose to chase paper and titles and promotions, grab up MBA's,  JD's,  MD's and MS's like they're hotcakes.. we move up the socio-economic ladder into new stratospheres, lifestyles and sometimes even into new social circles..

And as Afro-Americans we often have the option of moving into the creme de la creme of social circles.. the top tier of elitest lol the ones we call... The Buppie Movement

So what's a Buppie?

By definition it's a black urban professional who took the traditional route of hard work and education to become successful and is either in the process of building or has built tremendous wealth for themselves..

To me..  and the urban dictionary which provides buppie with a second definition which is... a Black Yuppie.. Someone who may have done the path quoted above and in the process has removed themselves from everything associated with the struggle of the life they had before they got there..or they are the off spring of those who escaped the struggle and have made life appear as if they were always this well off and never had any experience with "those kind of black people". (think Lauren London's dad in the movie ATL)

I definitely think that as one transcends social circles there are things you decide to no longer tolerate or associate yourself with.. however.. to act as if it never happened and that you are now entitled to the silver spoon treatment for all of eternity and no one should ever know about your "other" life.. is just fraud..

When I went to grad school there were tons of buppies and I hung out with a few of them trying to understand them and their culture and realized for the most part they couldn't even be true to themselves let alone another human being.... I couldn't take it. I felt out of place and uncomfortable. On paper I'm a perfect Buppie candidate... Ivy league, Greek, beating the odds and making a pretty decent living for someone my age..... but one thing that I know keeps me uncomfortable in that circle is that I always want to be down to earth and be able to relate to a variety of people from all walks of life.... something that few buppies are/do.. :( unfortunately..

I am not defined by my resume.. nor my income.. which is how most buppies operate.. less than 5 minutes after meeting they want to know where you went to school, and what you do for a living.. oh do you have an MBA?

schoops.. get out of my face with this nonsense.. GOOGLE ME if you want the on paper version of me! I'm here live in the flesh, get to know me and who I am, what I stand for.. etc.. that's way more important than which grad school I went to..

Collectively with all the resources they have between them, intellectually and financially, you would think that they alone could be the catalyst to help all the homies back home, get to where they need to be.. Instead they turn their noses up at any and everyone not on their level..yeah that's fine as long as you keep climbing that ladder, and its great to be proud of where you are, but don't forget about your dear old grandmama, who picked cotton 24 hours a day so that you could have a chance to even step foot into Vera Wang as a customer..

I'm sick of the Black-on-Black Snobbery.... Your accomplishments do no make you who you are... they should only be enhancements to an already whole person.. oh and fyi.. the w-p's you're trying to play golf with on the weekends, aren't going to claim you when the shit hits the fan.. so get your mind right..ahemm. ok Tiger.. lolol

Carrie Pink
Modern Day Supergirl

Is this what courting has come to?

                                                     photo courtesy of  improveyouraim.com

I got this in my inbox the other day.... really guy?? You cannot be serious.

how r u doin. I dont know if ur in a relationship or just up here for fun, but I had to let u know that ur very attractive. i'm all about building up a friendship first.thats the best thing u can give to any lady miss, the best women and relationships are won in time, i think ur friendship is worth it. if u got more questions,hit me back when ur comfortable to talk to me, because typing can only express so much of my personality at a time. well, name's XXXXXX if ur interested check out my pics and hit me back text me xxx-xxx-7056 im 6'3 im 26 no kids

Is this what courting is now-a-days? unsolicited personal ads delivered straight to my inbox? smdh.. first off me and this person aren't even fb friends, so how can my friendship be worth it? smdh u basing it off a photo? Good looks make you good enough to be a friend now a days? you don't even know if that pic is really me! wow, if only we all picked our friends like that lol

Maybe I'm just anal or a jerk or whatever, but when approaching a woman even online, don't you want to even try to impress her? Just a little bit? Nothing is capitalized, not even his name.... but you're 26.. should I be impressed? schoops I would be a fool...

Ladies, how do you feel about the way men approach you now-a-days? Are there more bad approaches than good ones?  Honestly there is nothing I hate more than a dude who tries to talk to me in front of my kids.. "Sup Ma?" ......... N*@&# Beat it........

Carrie Pink
Modern Day Supergirl

What advice would you giv this young lady? Photo

Photo Courtesy of Glamour Magazine

Based on a true story taken from yahoo answers.

I decided it is not that bad to have a baby and not be married....?
I don't know if or when i'll ever get married, although I would love to more than anything in my life. But I want to get married now while I am young (19) and have a baby, so I was in my car driving to class thinking... I don't NEED to be married to have a baby.... I don't need to be in a relationship to have a baby, what if I have a baby first then date the father (or another guy) and then get married... or never get married and just be a young single mom??? I just don't want to wait anymore for a guy, I don't have the time for that.. so I want it now and it may not be that bad of a life.. I would be a really great mom, I just don't want to wait and be old or never get married, like if I am never gonna get married I might as well have a baby young rather than try to find a guy and be old then get pregnant...

Carrie's Response..

Wow, I don't even know where to begin.. my initial reaction... GIRL ARE YOU CRAZY!!! Don't make me slap you.. but we all know that gut punch reaction won't work..

I think if I was talking to this young lady personally, I would have to tell her all about my adventures at 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24  up until I had my first child.. partying until the sun came up, impromptu sleepovers with my girls, ROAD TRIPS, having completely irresponsible moments and having it not affect anyone but me! Working because I wanted to and not because I HAD to!!! All of which she would forfeit having a child at 19 ON PURPOSE....

My college days were by far my best years to date! Fun Fun Fun I had.. in between the study breaks and late nights in the library.. I wouldn't have ever traded them to have become a mom 5 years earlier!

I mean by 19 you haven't even done anything yet, sex isn't even as good as its gonna get yet, you're still learning the ropes! (unless you have hot crotches)  You're barely legal, you just became legal to drive further than just back and forth to school and work and you can't even legally drink yet! (unless you live in Canada)

You have so many good years left, you surely don't want to cut them short for all night feedings and diaper runs..

Being a mom is awesome and is one of life's greatest gifts and accomplishments if you do it right, but only if you feel good about yourself and and have dreams and goals on your radar or accomplished in your own life first.

19 years old, what kind of job do you have? what kind of education do you have? how do you intend to support another human who must, eat, drink, be clothed and housed etc.. How far will your job take you? If your current job where you want to work for the rest of your  career? What kind of lifestyle do you want to be able to provide? What are your own goals what kind of job do you want to have, what kind of money do you want to make, who will help you take care of this baby? Who will babysit when you have to go to work and school? Who will pay for it if your family can't help you?

You say your life won't be that bad, how about having a baby only when you can provide a good life, not one that isn't that bad.. smdh.

This girl just sounds like she's looking for something to do, something to say and something to love.. get a chia pet girl, water it, love it  and watch it grow... that's the only responsibility you need, not a baby.

FACTS: less than 2 percent of Teen Moms actually graduate college before age 30, 8 of 10 teen fathers don’t marry their kids’ teen mothers, and two thirds of the children born into such situations are poor.  -National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

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I Cannot Stand Bad Ass Little Kids...

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Let's face it, some of you out there just have some bad ass kids... you let them slide with all their antics, because your tired, or feel guilty for not being there more, or whatever your reason...You try to buy their love and attention by blowing the bank on things they are gong to throw to the side in a month... if even..but you are failing them as parents and here's why.

Granted your intentions may be good, but the outcome is not really what you expected huh?  What the outcome? Bad ass kids who don't listen.. or worse, fresh ass kids who talk back.... in public. Who eventually grow up to become bad ass adults.

You may think its okay right now, in the privacy of your own home, but kids do not know decorum, whats good at home is good outside to them and at school and in front of your grand parents and to your sunday school teacher.. Kids do not know what I get away with at home is not what I can get away with at school, unless they have a teacher who lays the smack down and its only going to get worse because when those bad ass suckers become teenagers... fuggetaboutit..

Maybe I'm just uber old school..  or I just do not handle fresh ass little kids well, especially fresh ass little girls and as a mother I can recognize sass a mile away! I grew up in the age of children should be seen and not heard....and although I'm a little more modern than that mantra I still hold on to the idea that children have no business in grown folks conversation and if I'm not speaking to you, don't try to jump in and give your 2 cents.. because no one asked you.

Have the days of child-parent respect flown out the window? Do kids no longer fear their parents? I feared my parents, not in a physical way because I hardly ever got beatings, but in a "I won't even go there and try to test it way, because even though they've never done it,  there is a chance I may lose my head if I say some off the wall sassy disrespectful thing" I knew better than to mumble under my breath, suck my teeth, roll my eyes, or even answer with the slightest attitude... cause although I hardly ever got beatings my grandma was good for a slap to me, my cousins, their kids, her grand kids, her great grand kids, the neighbors kids, who ever was cutting up..  we all knew not to effe with Nanny!!

Just by design my kids and I are not friends, I am their mother,  an undeniable authority figure in there lives and that's how I like it to be.. Don't play with me little girls.. is a line I often use to get them back on the straight and narrow.. like um lets not forget who sets the rules up in here..

By no means am I a drill Sargent and we definitely find time to cut up and have fun, but MOM is mom and DAD is dad and what they say GOES.. end of story..

Now-a-days I see kids, rolling their eyes at their parents, stomping their feet, yelling, screaming, cursing... sucking their teeth.. and the parents just let them.. ummm. ok.. yeah kids should be able to express their feelings, but only once they are out of my sight.. you want to stomp around? feel free in your room... but like hell are you going to roll your eyes at me and stomp away without getting whiplash......

There is nothing worse than being embarassed by your child's behavior, IN PUBLIC.. it makes you want to shrink away and hide..but don't try to discipline now, its the everyday efforts and groundwork you lay that will keep your kids respectful.. and you have to start it from day one..yes you have to train them.. and I make no qualms about using that word.. "Train up the child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it!!" -Proverbs 22:6 and Nanny's Favorite Bible Quote!

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Is Healthy Eating Too Expensive?

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We have all heard the phrase you get what you pay for, yet time and time again families are constantly trying to think of new ways to cut corners and save money on groceries...I know I have! This is not a bad thing if you are looking for quality items at a lower cost, but substituting quality items for crappy items just to save money.. You might want to think twice...

After reading an article yesterday about the quality of food fed to prison inmates being better than the quality of food being fed to school kids, http://www.takepart.com/news/2010/07/29/inmates-eat-better-than-your-kids my eyes couldn't believe what I was reading.. But as I got further and learned the justification I wondered why more people,  parents in particular, don't take the initiative towards healthy eating for a healthy lifestyle...

The prisons say, it is cheaper to feed a inmate healthy foods and snacks than to continually administer costly medical care for diabetes, heart attack and stroke. Many may say well should inmates even get health care, but in a country where cruel and unusual punishment is outlawed, yes, yes they have to get medical care on the taxpayers dime, it would be unamerican if they didn't.

So people out here in the free world have you realized that as expensive as healthy eating may appear, its cheaper than medical care for health issues that could develop in the long run and that could have been prevented or curbed by better eating habits?

This is something to really sit back and think long and hard about.. A salad may cost you $9 at lunch but it will do way more for your body on a daily basis than that $4 big mac...

Organic milk may cost $4 a Half-gallon, but its better than the milk from the cow fed with genetically altered corn and shot up with hormones to get more milk per pump in your cup...

When I was 21, my doctor told me I had allergies and thankfully instead of him writing a claritin script, patting my head and sending me on my merry way, he recommended I go see a nutritionist.... She recommended some things be removed from my diet to see if that curbed the allergies... And it did, and I haven't had allergies since. And of course it led to healthier eating habits for me, I eat whole wheat everything since then, bread, pasta, even pancakes...

Its always been more expensive for me but its better than running around with unbearable allergies..

Its those little changes that can make a lifetime of difference 100% juices, fruits and vegetables, and skipping anything with too much sugar that can put you on the road to healthy eating and healthy living long term.

Sunday while in BJ's picking up juice boxes for my kids, $9.49 for 36 boxes, 100% juice, the woman next to me looked down the row of various brands... And said out loud, ooh $6.99 for 40 they're getting these.... But that brand was only 10% juice...

Sacrificing quality for quantity should not even cross our minds when it comes to feeding our kids,they are worth so much more than 10%..

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I just met my future ex-husband! By K Parris

One of my favorite peeps, Caterer and Event Planner Kimberly Parris, wrote an awesome piece on The Sanctity of Divorce that I just had to share with all of you!  Be warned it's lengthy, but fits right in with our array of topics from last week on relationships and is a great, things that make you go hmmm, thought provoking piece for the attached and single alike... completely un-altered, no Carrie interpretations or opinions added!  xoxo Carrie

My favorite line of 2010 has been: "I just met my future ex-husband/wife". I mean, what better way to express your attraction to someone?


As this Caribbean rambler approaches 30, I've found myself in attendance at many a wedding. As a caterer and event planner (http://www.kimberlyparris.com/), I've found myself planning a few weddings. Either way, the past six months to a year have been a blur of weddings, both planned and unexpected, the most recent of which was a few weekends ago. As the over thinker that I am, I found myself listening intently to the vows with which my good friend and her husband took. I noted that these vows are the same vows that many of my other friends and family members have taken. I even took a moment to jot them down. This may seem strange, as the traditional wedding vows (http://www.weddingplanninglinks.com/planning/traditionalweddingvows.html) very rarely detour from the original, but humor me:

"Do you, GROOM/BRIDE's NAME take BRIDE/GROOM's NAME to be your husband/wife – to live together after God’s ordinance – in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and continually bestow upon her your heart’s deepest devotion, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her as long as you both shall live?"

Insert "I do" here.

Weddings, particularly grand, methodically planned ones that I and others like myself pride themselves on planning, are tear jerking events that leave many single folks such as myself momentarily considering 'jumping the broom'. From the "I do's" to the cutting of the splendiferous cake (yep, I said splendiferous), to the first dance to the tearful best man/maid of honor/parents of the bride and groom toasts, the concept of the 'perfect wedding' is a sight to behold and one that has been cultivated and has grown tremendously over the course of the decades.

Of course, so has the 'perfect divorce'.

I had a client who, when asking me about some of her wedding details, asked me the fastest way to get an annulment. It took me aback, admittedly. Here this beautiful young woman was, about to marry the 'man of her dreams', and already you're thinking about an annulment? Something is wrong with this picture. In another scenario, a wedding that a friend of mine catered upstate asked for the 'richer or poorer' portion of the vows to be removed from the spiel, because she was "definitely marrying for 'richer' and there would be no 'poorer'".

The above, my fellow rambling fans, would be a direct quote. Something is wrong with this picture.

And on it goes. Nowadays, at least 50% of marriages end in divorce. (http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/fastats/divorce.htm) 50%. That's half of them. Many of the marriages that have ended in divorce, statistically, are due to monetary concerns, infidelity, inability to have children, etc.  I have never been married, but I can tell you as an outsider looking in, from a logical point of view, that often times, the reasoning behind divorcing a spouse stems from an inability to commit. Why? Consider this: if you look above, I highlighted the portion of the vows that state: "in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy". When you hear of someone divorcing, if you hear nothing else, you hear interpolations of "I didn't sign on for this".

Except...that you did. When you took those vows, you did sign on for EXACTLY that…right?

Unless you wrote your own vows and carefully phrased them, you did sign up for the worse...if your spouse cheated on you, is it worth forgiveness? If your spouse suddenly becomes ill or can no longer bear children, do you allow yourself to continue? Do you find a way to make the impossible possible? If your spouse makes a bad investment that renders you broke...is that a deal breaker? If so, why? Is that not all a part of your vows...the ability to find the compromise to work through difficult situations? Do all the little things that a person does, the little things that permeate a person’s character and make them who they are, do those things constitute irreconcilable differences? Perhaps it is my naïveté, having never been married, that is causing me to pose these questions...but it is something that I constantly consider when I watch the divorce rate climb every year.

Am I saying all situations are workable? No. Sometimes, divorce is the only answer...but it should not be the default answer, it should be a last resort answer, in my personal opinion. For example, if your partner for the rest of your life has another partner for the rest of their lives…I’d consider that a deal breaker. (So does the law. Bigamy is illegal in 48 states.) If your partner is living a double life, I think it’d be ok to say, “Who the &*^$# did I marry?” (http://thefreshxpress.com/2010/08/who-the-bleep-did-you-marry/) But if your partner happens to have a porn addiction, my advice would be to install a projector and get Pinkie, Mr. Marcus, and the Penthouse gang to teach you some tricks. (Not that I know anything about that.) Or…you could sign your significant other up for PAA (Porn Addicts Anonymous – yes, it really exists) and help them through it. It’s the least you could do since they rubbed your cruddy feet, greased your flaky scalp, and built you a bed. (I’ve been reading Getting To Happy. Sorry.) Seriously, though…wouldn’t that be considered some of the ‘worse’ that we should be guiding each other through?

So here are the questions I’ve been posing internally that I now pose to you: is a deal breaker really a deal breaker? What constitutes an absolute fail in a marriage? Where do you draw the line at trying to fix a relationship/marriage? Can a person truly judge another’s actions based on their imperfect model? Why is there such a big fear of genuine commitment? Is it a fear of the loss of control?

The Truth About Men!

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So far this week we've chatted about Readiness vs Time Passed and the engagement process and we came to some interesting conclusions..

1. Once a certain amount of time passes if your man hasn't made the move to take it all the way and marry you, he's just not interested in being married period or marrying you in particular..now the question becomes is this really a bad thing? Its only a bad thing if the woman actually wants to be married, for women who are happy just in a relationship this situation is perfect for them...(I guess we can then ask are there women out there who truly just want a long term relationship only but don't want to ever be married?) I mean I'm sure they exist, somewhere in the world, like Timbuktu or something.

2. If you bring up the topic of marriage 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 years in and he still avoids it like the plague, gives you excuses of not being ready, excuses of not having enough money, excuses, excuses, excuses, understand that he is probably just telling you what it is, but instead of saying he's not ready he should really be saying I'm not interested at this time. Why buy the cow, when free milk is ooooh so mmmmh mmmmmh good. In a woman's mind saying your not ready makes her think ok thats only for right now.. but you'll be ready soon, so she's waiting for you to "Get Ready".. but most men who say they aren't ready aren't saying it with the intentions of getting ready, they are saying it to be left alone about the subject.

Now if you're a woman who wants to get married and he knew from day one that you eventually wanted to get married and now you are sitting getting pretty impatiently waiting for him to marry you, while he stalls understand this.. You were clear with your intentions from jump, DO NOT feel bad or guilty when he asks you whats the rush, you did nothing wrong. The rush is I told you my goal from the beginning and if my goal was not your goal then you should have said so, so I could make a conscious choice of still wanting to deal with you or you should have never continued to pursue me in the first place........ if you point this out and he still has excuses.. well then we all know you have 2 choices, sit and wait while hoping for the best, or pack up and go before another 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 years pass you by..

3. He finally put a ring on it but that was 5 years ago.. ummm... take the ring off.. nuff said.

The truth about men is that most of them are not afraid to commit to who they consider the right woman to be...don't confuse that with being a good woman.... you are fabulous my darling.. and you do your thing, but you could just not be the right one for him.. Men are definitely afraid to commit if they aren't sure about you or if they aren't sure about themselves..  So if you feel like you have to always twist his arm just cut your losses and move on... Tis better to have no man than the unsure man...

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Readiness vs Time Passed in Relationships.

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The other day I had an interesting discussion with one of my guy friends, on readiness vs time passed in a relationship

He says that no matter how much time passes in a relationship you could still not be ready to take it to the next level with who you're with. So just because you've been with someone 5,6, or even 10 years that doesn't mean you should be married to them already or even want to be thinking in that direction yet. He says a lot of couples confuse time passed with readiness and that one does not guarantee the other.

Now in my mind I say, why am I with you for 5,6,10 years if I don't see a future with you? He says you could still be figuring out how you feel about the person 10 years in, and if they're really who you want to be with, if their characteristics are really ones you can live with forever and could just be enjoying your time together in the interim.

My thoughts...sounds like a waste of someone's time...or a way of taking up space/time.....unless both parties agree to this method, but how often does that happen?

Its clear to me after having a similar conversation with another friend who broke up with his girlfriend after 7 years of what he calls happy times, he concluded there was just something missing in her that he wanted in a wife... The crazy part is he knew that from the beginning, he was just waiting to see and enjoying her company in the meantime

Men just seem to operate on a totally different wavelength than women..

Typically we are not waiters, unless we feel you are worth waiting for. So if we can't see you as husband today most of us are not waiting 10 years to see if you will look like a husband later.

Or maybe that's just me, ladies how do you feel about it? Of course there are exceptions to every rule, however its rare that 2 exceptions ever end up in the same relationship.

What do I mean? The man who wants to spend 10 years deciding whether you're really the woman for him, rarely ends up with the woman who wants to spend 10 years deciding whether you're really the man for her.

What usually happens is the woman thinks the man is just stalling or scared so she waits thinking she'll get the ultimate payoff in the end because she's ready already! What she doesn't realize is that she could end up with him never being ready "for her"

We've all seen it happen, a guy is with so and so for 12 years and never even talks to her about getting married, she's always the one to bring it up, he avoids the topic, they eventually break up, and he's proposing to his new girlfriend in less than a year!

So maybe when a man says I'm not ready to be in a relationship yet or I'm not ready to be married yet, understand ladies that he forgot to include the words "with you" or "to you" meaning... I'm not so sure about you yet... That way a woman can know you may think you are waiting for him to be ready, but in reality he could be actually waiting "for you" to be marriage material.

Things that make you go hmmmm.

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When Clubbing Goes Wrong

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Remember when a party was just a party, its friday night and you just had to get out there and let loose, get your dance on or have a little drinky drink....

Whatever happened to the good ole days?

Remember when if you wanted to have a memory from the club you went over to the guy in the corner with the 5 back drops to take your picture in front of a ghetto airbrushed canvas? It was a polaroid so you got your picture right there, put it in a cheesy cardboard holder and you gave him 5 bucks...

Ahh the good ole days...

Now see the pic above... You can't even let loose without the damn party papparazzi all up in your crotches...

You can't even get a good hard dub in a dark corner without the video light all up in your face...

Even drinking in the club has changed, before if you were a drinker you stayed near the bar, and quietly got wasted, stumbled to your car at the end of the night and crashed until you sobered up enough to drive home

Now don't you dare get too wasted.. There goes those damn party paparazzi again.... Catching every stumble... And everyone knows how much you drank cause the bartenders light those damn sparklers every time they bring you another bottle...


Now camera peeps and sites you know I love you still and am ready to pose up on cue  lol JR, Dre Bless, Miss Juicy, the whole 7days7nights crew, AreyouVIP, TalkofNY,  this isn't an actual attack on you, its just an observation on the nature of change of party-going in general, my how times have changed...

Why does the whole world need to see just how loose someone gets when they're off the clock and need to let their hair down? Why does everyone need to know just how bad this girl got on? If it were really dark, no one would have ever even known she flashed she panties! Where are her friends and why didn't they form a circle around her to save her from this candid?

In my opinion, bottle popping (a way to draw unnecessary attention to yourself and how much money you pretend to have) and party/parkway/bbq/bowling/birthday paparazzi (yup they are everywhere now, memorializing everything) have taken the authentic fun out of the club...

Take me back to the dark basement days lol banging on the pipes and leaving holes in the sheetrock when your favorite reggae song came on, going home sweaty from head to toe from whining down to the floor and staying there and all you have to take home with you is the memory!

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Interracial Dating

Photo By Merlin A. Summers/WireImage

Now-a-days with the assumed lack of qualified black men in our communities compared to those professional black woman who consider themselves qualified (no shots) I'm hearing many more women say now more than ever that they are willing to date outside of their race to find the best suitor.

Now with this new declaration I often wonder if these questions ever arise... What is an interracial relationship like? And what does it sound like? What are the unforeseen challenges? How do you adapt to the variance if any in cultures? Should black women even be worrying about these questions or does love transcend race?

Maybe its just me but I worry how many people allow general personality differences and culture clashes to play out in their relationships. I mean for me personally there are black men who I wouldn't date because our personalities don't mesh, so you'd assume when going interracial you'd still use the same judgement.

But everyone doesn't seem to think the same way. I find some women who venutre into the world of interracial dating literally changing who they are to be more appealing to the interracial dating pool. They are changing the way they look, the way they speak and how they act.....

Is this an acceptable byproduct of the quest for love? Pretending to be someone who aren't just to attract a man? And yes I say to attract a man because I don't really see men who interacially date doing the same thing.

I would think to date period there are some ground rules that need to be in place no? No matter their race the person should be someone you find to be cool as all hell, enjoy at least some of the same things you enjoy and most importantly both of you should feel completely comfortable around each other.

If the comfort isn't there aren't you just faking jacks? How long can you possibly keep that act up?

Literally the relationship is pretty much doomed when you don't even bring your real personality to the table.

So tell me your thoughts? Have you seen those new to the interracial dating realm personality fake? Do they really think that's the way it should be?

Hmmm now that I think about it, I've seen people personality fake when dating within their own race....

What ever happened to being true to self?

Carrie Pink
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Racist Art by Christian Dior?

Quentin Shih

Quentin Shih

These new photgraphs for Chistian Dior are stirring up a ton of controvesy in the fashion world. They are being called racist by whom I'm not sure, but the photos are going to be featured in the newly renovated Shanghai Dior store.

The controvesy behind them? The Asians surrounding the Caucasian Dior model are not individuals, they are a copy of one Chinese woman duplicated dozens of times. So the critics are accusing Dior of implying that all Asians look the same.

Funny enough. The photographer who created the photos is Chinese himself and he had complete creative freedom from Dior on the shoot! He says the photos are art and should not be misinterpreted as racist.

Well I pose the question to you! How do you feel about the photos? Would you think racism when you look at them?

Shih also did another shoot where he had Caucasian models in featured in glass boxes with Chinese natives peering in at them! That was for the Bejing 2008 shoot. So at least he's an equal opportunist, not a racist, because he oppresses both groups not just his own lol

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Harvard gives FREE Tuition!!!

photo courtesy of Google images.

Yes you read right!

Harvard is giving ZERO-Contribution tuitions to any ACCEPTED student who's total family income is less than $60,000 per year. Additionally they intend to raise the income threshold to $80,000. The catch? You actually have to get accepted by their traditional academic standards.

This effort by Harvard is to widen the access of their university to qualified students from under-privledged income pools.

I applaud Harvard for their efforts and ask that as parents, educators, caregivers, mentors, etc. we extend our sights and the sights of our students to the highest heights such as the IVY leagues, since the original barrier to entry, MONEY, is now being removed. Our kids are more than capable of achieving the academic standards required by these institutions with the right support and foundation and most importantly MOTIVATION from us!

Now the question is will other ivy league institutions follow Harvards lead?? Will Brown, Columbia, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Cornell and UPenn follow suite?GOd Willing I hope so.

Read More on the new Harvard Financial Aid plan here!  http://www.fao.fas.harvard.edu/icb/icb.do

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Columbia University GSAPP' 07  

Are we too obsessed with image?

So I'm on the subway today and I see a sign with a website, www.stopobesityforlife.com, and its boasts their single incision surgery to help you lose weight, and stop obesity for Life! Yet no additional info. You know like what the procedure is itself, but just a website a phone number and before and after pictures of clients.

Hook, line, and sinker...

I really wonder if all these new age procedures for weight loss and or body enhancements, artificial sculpting, are a good idea? Safety wise, and long term health wise? Everybody seems to want instant results now-a-days but what's the long term affect of this instant gratification?

Oh u don't like ur stomach? We'll vaccum the fat out.. Boobs, butt or hips too small? No worries we'll fill them out! Overweight all your life?! No problem gastric bypass!

What ever happened to good ole fashioned exercise, and healthy eating?  Overrated huh?

We all have body parts we're unhappy with but to what extent will we go to actually change them?

They say all you need in America is a dollar and a dream, but seems to me the saying all you need is a good plastic surgeon is becoming more prevalent.

If money was no object would you ever go under the knife to fix/enhance something?

Why is image so important among common civilians now-a-days? We used to be in awe with the celebs, now we all want to be celebs in our own way..

On our way to work in the morning, we want to look like something out of a magazine turning heads everywhere we go, even if the job we're heading to is only at McDonalds.....

Insecurities, pride, class/status, and image, all intermingling topics that make moves on pockets, no matter how empty or full..

Just giving you something to think about on this Meaningful Monday!

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Karma: That B*#$% No One Wants to Meet!

Photo Credit: Karma, a new film by Tom Roarty, © 2006 CrookedEye Productions.

We have all heard her name... we even threaten people with her presence when they do us wrong!

But why is Karma such a B*#$%???

Throughout our lives we all make choices, some choices are good and benefit not only us but others as well.. then some choices are good for us only and no one else benefits, in fact others may even be hurt unintentionally by our invidually good choices..

But it seems to me when we intentially engage in choices that hurt others thats when that b*#%$ Karma shows up uninvited.

Karma is a pretty ruthless ass b*$#& who gets you back for all your foul ish, no matter how miniscule you may think your deed was.

Remember that day you let the door close on that old lady? Surely Karma is coming to return the favor to you... then you may say, "See! People are soo rude, thats why I never hold the door for anyone!" and that b*#$% Karma keeps coming back to have the door slammed in your face, the train doors close on you, the bus pull away in the rain on you, over and over again...

Funny though, because once most people get a taste of their own medicine, hand delivered by that b*#$% Karma they are the first ones acting like they even hurt a fly and don't deserve all this misfortune...Amensia is quite common in humans, we all forget the people we shafted, the times we were jerks and, took the Me, Myself, and I mantra a little too literally..

Then just when we think we've escaped and gotton away with stealing candy from a baby, the 401ks of baby boomers, or the wheels off someone's BMW... when we are all nice and comfty enjoying the fruits of our sometimes downright deceitful labor.. here comes Karma saundering in... What a b*$#%! Her memory never fails.. she drinks ginseng.

She's that mama who doesn't quit waxing that ass until you promise to live on the straight and narrow forever lol but of course there are some of us, hardheaded geniuses, who no matter how many lectures, or whuppings we get from her, we just keep on keeping on..You see Karma so often she just sleeps in your bed at night, cause she knows she has a full day of WORK with you in the morning..

So how do you get rid of her?? You'll hear people say, it's all about your energy, whatever you put out there in the universe good or bad eventually bounces back like a boomerang and hits you right in the ass, thats great if you spit out good, awful if you spit out bad,  but you don't have to take my word for it.. just ask Bernie Madoff, The Enron Dudes, the EMT guy who didn't help the pregnant lady because he was on break...we all reap what we sow, and most times we reap it worse than we sow it.

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How Many Workers Can You Save with the Salary of ONE CEO?

With the recession in recovery, but still hitting people's pockets and layoff still a reality do you ever sit back and ask what's happening at the TOP of this pyramid?

I know I sure do and I guess others have too I read a great article last week called, How many Workers can you hire for the price of one CEO? The article talks about the gap between the CEO salary and the entry-level workers hourly wage.

So how many more workers could each company have or save if they cut the salary of their CEO?

The CEO of JPMorgan made $35 million in 2008 in the height of the financial crisis, this year he was forced to take home only $1.3 million by external pressures to keep CEO compensation low. That could have hired new or not laid off 1039 employees since entry level salary is $31,200.

Here's another example: 
CVS CEO Thomas M. Ryan: $30.4 million (2009 Compensation)
Starting Cashier @ CVS stores: $8/hour, $20,800/year
One CEO = 1,461 entry-level employees
See full article from DailyFinance: http://srph.it/dyZFZD

Should there be a limit on CEO salary? If its their company, why shouldn't they make as much money as they want?

Employees all have choices, don't they? If you don't like how much you make you can always change companies right?

Should the CEO be sharing his wealth with his workers? How much conscious should he have towards the wealth-building of his employees?

If entry level positions like the cashier job at CVS paid more would there be lower turnover rates?and higher employee retention?

Tell me your thoughts.

Carrie Pink
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WARNING: My Experience with Nuvaring

This is my PSA on why we as women need to be so careful with any drug we put inside our body.

Like many women my age I've used birth control for a number of years. Today I want to share with you my own personal experience with the Nuvaring  perhaps it help some women out there who may not realize the connection between their attitudes and their birth control.

After the birth of my first child I switched to Depo-Provera.. because who really wants to take a pill everyday???? NOBODY! lol So a $10 shot 4 times a year seemed like the way to go! POW! After my first year it was great, lighter periods, no stress or reminders.. whew.. easy peasy!!! Then my hair started falling out. In bunches. smdh. Many of you probably remember my super cute yet short hair cut in 2006. Yep Depo caused that.

Goodbye Depo-Provera. Hello back to the pill.

With the birth of my second child my doctor offered another alternative. (Since its obvious I'm not really a good pill taker)

Try the Nuvaring she offered.

So me, miss forgetful pill taker, said sure i'll try it! Whew.. again what a great experience! Easy peasy!!

Then 6 months ago after a little over a year of use very strange things started happening to me. One night I was driving home after going to look at one of my PWI candidates vision boards and on my way home I had an awful experience. All of a sudden I'm sitting in the car and was afraid to drive myself home. Now I've been driving since 1996 so this was like huh? I pulled over and tried to get a hold of myself. I was trembling, sweating, my heart was racing, I was a mess. Realizing I couldn't sit in my car on the North Conduit all night I started driving home and called my hunni telling him please just talk to me the whole way home. Of course he's like what's wrong with you? And all I can say is I don't know. At one point I thought to just pull over and have him come get me, but fought through that idea.

When I got home I went to lay down but couldn't shake the nervous feeling, even though I was home already safe in my own bed. Eventually I fell asleep and the next day felt like I had been hit by my a truck, my whole body ached, I felt off balance, I couldn't stand for long periods of time, I had tingling in my hands and feet, and a migraine. I went to the doctor and all of my vital signs were NORMAL. They took blood, urine, and I went home.

3 days later the tests return, everything is NORMAL, I go to a neurologist, NORMAL. I get an second opinion, NORMAL. 3 more doctors later one finally tells me, it sounds like you had a Panic Attack and you're experiencing symptoms of anxiety disorder, so you need to work on cutting your stress.

I'm like anxiety what?? They prescribe me meds and say take this everytime you feel that nervous feeling. Mind you I DO NOT meds, so I'm like yeah thanks and stuff the script in my purse where it sits for weeeeeeks.

It takes me 3 weeks to return to work and for the off balance/achy feeling to finally subside. I'm back to normal, or so I think.

2 months pass, all of a sudden I can feel my heart racing daiily. I'm extremely aware of my heart beats and it subsequent beat skips. I race back to the doctor and tell him my symptoms. He hooks me up to a EKG machine and says oh all this are more symptoms of your anxiety, your heart is fine. Did you ever fill that script I gave you? ::hangs head:: No, well fill the script and take one evertime you feel that nervous feeling or racing heart.

Ok Doc thanks. Back home I go, I fill the script and put it alllllllll the way in the back of my medicine cabinet.

Everyday after that I would wake up feeling icky. I don't want to do anything, go any where, talk to anyone, I was irritable, cranky, and angry for no reason. I had to push myself to go to work, I'm having problems focusing, concentrating, my blog writing had been at a HALT. I sleep alot. Another month passes.

Then all the symptoms return again all at once, the racing heart, aching body, nervousness, trembling. I have a number of mini  "attacks" a few weeks apart always at home where I just go to sleep after.

Then one unsuspecting Thursday I had a major attack as work. I thought I was dying and started blacking out. Straight to the ER my co-workers sent me!

In the ER they checked me out fully. VITALS ARE ALL NORMAL The conclusion, another Panic Attack, they gave a shot of Ativan and I take a nap, then they sent me home. Followed up with my doctor, Carrie take the damn pills! ok ok ok.. I put them in my purse and 3 days after checking out of the ER I have another attack and take one pill.

But now I'm completely frustrated, because this is NOT how I want to live my life. I get on the internet and start reseaching.... anxiety and exhaustion, anxiety and stress, anxiety and hunger, anxiety and thirst, any combination to try and figure my situation out.

Mind you I still DO NOT feel stressed, yet all the doctors are ALL telling me I must be.

Looking on the calendar between my research I make a mental note that my cycle is almost due. Then a light bulb goes off. I type into my google search, Anxiety and the Nuvaring.... and would you believe it? THOUSANDS of websites come up... with articles, testimonials, complaints, class action lawsuits. Thousands of women all with the same symptoms as me, same scenarios, same unanswered questions. same common denominator The Nuvaring... I go on the FDA website. Nuvaring in rare cases can cause high anxiety, depression and panic attacks. I go to WEBMED website, Nuvaring can alter your mental state and mood and another website and another and another.

I was floored, yet so damn happy!!!! I called my doctor. He's like No, I've never heard of such a thing, Nuvaring is safe and effective. I hang up on his ass and call my gyn, she says YES that is a definite side effect and you need to stop taking it immediately.

That day I removed the nuvaring and have not used it since.

Ladies please be aware, my doctor says Nuvaring and other types of birth control provide a constant level of a mood altering hormone which is what was affecting me. She says there are no varying dosages for these birth controls even though each persons chemistry is different, which makes no sense if you ask me. It will take 3 to 6 months for all the hormones to leave my system...I'm 2 months in and Glory Be to God, the attacks have stopped.

The conclusion? If you are having any emotional changes that are long term, listen to your family when they say you are acting overly emotional, or always angry, or irritible for no reason,  and CALL YOUR GYN FIRST BECAUSE IT MIGHT BE YOUR BIRTH CONTROL!!!

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