What if Obama was Cablasian...

Now what if Obama stood up to the American people during his race for President and said Im not black Im Cablasion would he be President today? I'm just saying...

The cool thing about Obama is this. He acknowledges the fact that he's mixed just like Halle and Mariah and all the other Americans of mixed race, but he also clearly knows that no matter what, people see him as a black man FIRST, anything else he has to explain.

Now that the world has turned on Tiger I wonder how he feels... Knowing that one group has no support for him now because he denied them back then, and the other group that did support him always looked at him as part of the first group anyway! What about the Asian community are they standing up for Tiger right now?

Honestly I think Tiger has a complex... He wants to not be considered black so bad that he made up his own race... Married the whitest blondest woman he could find, made her sign a contract saying she would appear publicly with him for x amount of his tournaments and public events per year... Smh talk about a great business opportunity for her and a stamp on his society acceptance card.

Truthfully Tiger is clever, but dumb. I understand that he's not a conformist and didn't want to be pigeonholed to any one group so he made one up, probably would have gone over better if he said Im not only black Im also white and Asian too, I call it calbliasain.... But to deny one aspect of himself and his black father to sit next to him and co-sign that was just silly to me? Does they think they are too good to be identified as black? Like some blacks in Jamaica who buy White Status?

This definitely leaves me to ask a question, Is it ignorant to still classify anyone who looks black as black?

This is a touchy topic but I mean could someone like Wesley Snipes come out and say oh no Im NOT black I'm Cablasian? Would we buy that? Do new races need to be made since there has been so much intermixing? Is it self hate and lack of self love to completely deny a part of who you are??

Maybe thats the solution..Create new races... Because now a days I don't think there are too many people left who fit into 4 square races categories anyway..

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