Why Women Don't Like Mama's Boys!!


Women always like hearing a potential mate speak about his mother in a caring and respectful manner.

HOWEVER, a man who talks a little too much about his mother will raise a "mama's boy" flag in any woman's mind. It's NOT HARD to understand why women don't like mama's boys.

Here are some of the reasons

Women fantasize about firemen and policemen, men that display strength, power and masculinity.

If a sexy fireman had to check with his mother every time he took off his clothes for a girl, his sex appeal would definitely fade.

The thing is, mama's boys often fulfill their mother's every wish, especially the most unreasonable ones -- and that's where the problems start.

If a man lives out his mother's every wish, chances are that HE WILL NOT MAKE DECISIONS WITH HIS SIGNIFICANT OTHER without his mother's approval. It's hard enough to share decisions as a couple, SO IT IS RARE THAT A WOMAN WILL TOLERATE A THIRD PERSON INTERFERING IN HER RELATIONSHIP OR HER FAMILY.

If a woman shares a man's bed, she probably WON"T SETTLE TO BEING SECOND FIDDLE IN HIS LIFE!!!

It is normal and expected that a man will treat his mother on SPECIAL OCCASIONS; her birthday, Mother's Day, or on any other special celebration. However, if a man always puts his mother before his girlfriend, no matter what the occasion, on A DAY-TO-DAY BASIS chances are his girlfriend will end up RESENTING HIM or worse, LEAVING, because competing with the woman who gave birth to him just isn't an option.

more reasons why women don't like mama's boys...

Mama's boys are so used to being treated with unconditional love that THEY RARELY EVER THINK THEY ARE WRONG!!!!

For example, your mother may insist that you relax at the dinner table while she's putting away the dishes, but your girlfriend may not be as eager to do the dishes on her own.

Of course, a man should never be asked to choose between the woman who raised him and the woman who shags him. HOWEVER, if you are a man cursed with the mama's boy syndrome, there are ways for you to show equal love and respect to your lover and mother.

The first thing a man can do to avoid being ditched for being a mama's boy is CREATE a new relationship with his mother as an adult. If you've ever been called a mama's boy, chances are your mother is too intrusive and you need to learn how to say "NO" to her.

She might be a saint, but it doesn't mean that she can't be unreasonable and manipulative. Your mother already knows you love her and would do anything for her, and THAT IS PRECISELY THE PROBLEM!!!! SHE KNOWS YOU CAN"T SAY NO!!!!!!! .

So, once in a while, even through her tears and attempts at EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL, let your mother know how good your girlfriend/fiance/wife is to you and how important it is that she remains part of your life.

It is also OK to tell her that she doesn't NEED TO MAKE SANDWICHES FOR YOU!!!!!! YOU GOT IT!!!

If you're a mama's boy, chances are your mother will think that no other woman will EVER be good enough for you. So when your mother tells you that she will not break your heart but your lover will, remember that it may sound good BUT you can't shag your mother...

Give her your love and respect but enough distance to keep the other woman in your life happy, so your lover will always want to play nurse with you and your mother will never stop baking you cookies.

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirls


New Money said...

well stated but every man who has a great relationship with his mother is not a mamas boy

even, like myself, men who are the only boy are considered mamas boys... but its cool since ur mother should always be woman #1 in ur book & any woman should understand that.

you should want a man who loves his mom cuz that is the way he will treat you.

Anonymous said...

Most momma's boys treat you like dirt because momma is perfect and you're just his servant in his eyes. Momma's boys can't treat anyone but mom good.

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