President Obama doesn't work for YOU!

smh, Yesterday someone wrote on Twitter... I only vote in Presidential Elections..

At first I was a little surprised, but after thinking for a minute, most people I know only do that too..

From a political standpoint that is the WORST thing you can do if you want to see change on the ground level where you live!!!

Contrary to POPULAR belief President Obama doesn't work for you, he works for Congress!

By the time issues have reached Congress its already too late to put your two cents in!!!

Politics works in tiers for a reason, so that the people on the ground and in the local neighborhoods work together with the local community getting the wants and needs of the people and moving those issues up the ladder to the next level of power until something is done to resolve it within the states government.

Community level issues do not go to Congress people! Police brutality in NYC and potholes on the FDR are not on President Obama's agenda!

Everyone was so excited when Obama was elected, black people thought the world would suddenly change and their lives would improve beyond belief, the streets would be paved with gold and the trees would grow milk and honey right off the branches.

What a wake up call. People are still struggling, Black on Black Crime still exists, Police are still profiling..

Is that because President Obama isn't doing his job? NO, it's because too many people were unrealistic with the MIRACLES they expected him to perform, uneducated on the political system, how it works and how decisions get made.

When a National decision is made by the Pres, it still has to be voted on and go back through Congress to the State Senators, who communicate it down to the Governor, who communicate it down to the local Mayors, who communicate with the City Councils, Community boards and other local entities...

Issues that affect only one locality in particular, fate rests within that locality, and that's it, if its something more major or has enough support, MAYBE it will be heard on the state level, and resolved there, but really no further than that, unless its something that becomes National News.

When was the last time a President decided how much money should be spent on the roads and schools in Flatbush Brooklyn???

NEVER, that's a state issue and local government decision.

Now if you don't know who your community Alderman, Aseemblyman, Congressman, or Council Person is you are already in trouble.

What changes do you really expect to happen in your community if you don't even know who the local officials are? How can they represent you, if they don't know you? How can they fight for your agenda, when it's never been given to them?

And guess what, if you don't speak up to the unknown politician in your community who represent your area, they are going to speak for you and push through an agenda that they think will be best for your community. Funny thing is that agenda isn't always whats best for the people LIVING in that community.

By the time the presidential election comes along a lot of things have already been decided, and you have much less influence than you think. In 2000 Gore won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote... What does that tell you??? Even your "I'm so influential" Presidential election vote, doesn't count for dog crap , if the electoral college doesn't want it to.

I think the most important piece of advice I can add to this is, in local elections, stop voting for people just because they are black, there are tons of wolves in sheeps clothing out there, and just because you share a pigment hue, surely doesn't mean you share a mindset.. FIND OUT THE FACTS, then VOTE

Sip on that for a minute mi gente.

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirls


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