A Letter to my Girlfriend

By Nick..

Times are hard especially financially, however, my girlfriend does not seem to realize the whole world is undergoing something called recession.

Anyway, dear friends and readers, please pray for me that when I come back, I would not find that she has packed and left a brother.
Dear Apple,

I know you have occasionally woken up to find that I have left you a page of a romantic poem but today not even a single line for a poem because of this scary thing going around the world and it not swine flu, it is called recession.

Please don’t be upset by my observation but I bet that had you been paying attention and made appoint of not missing the news just like you would be literally depressed if you missed your favorite soap opera, you would have heard of how the world economy is literally tumbling down.

Around our neighborhood you must have heard of the escalating cases of robberies and mugging going on, yes that is the manifestation of recession. Now I hope you will understand and support me in this simple adjustments to your lifestyle that is until we cross over the financial rough parts.

Yes, I am aware that you are not much of a cook since most of the meals that we have enjoyed together were not from my little poor kitchen but from hotels. I know that your mother did not raise you to end up in the kitchen but let me dare suggest that you buy cookery or any other recipe book and think of those awesome meals we would enjoy that your hands would make.

It is not that I am saying that you are not in my heart you are but I would like to remind you the after all is said and done the best guarantee is still the old saying that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. Just think about it.

The scriptures say that the crown or jewel (please bear with me I don’t remember which is which because it has been a long time since I read the Bible) of a woman is her hair and I know how you love changing your hairstyle like you change shoes and I think we need to address that too.

You know that though my mum never went to any hairdressing school, and in spite of her limited tools of trade God knows she has literally made many of local housewives and house helps turns head with her braiding skills at her saloon in the house veranda.

I know that she is the least of your favorite people but she is not a bad woman as you would like the world to think, in this point and time, please let her wash and set or braid your hair, it would be a chance for you to bond with her and oh how happy would I be if my two favorite women were to get along!

I know how much you love shopping for new clothes, shoes and bags how much would you save me the thoughts of thinking of robbing my poor employer to have money to buy you all those dresses that make your heart beat faster and your eyes to nearly pop out of their sockets when you see them displayed in the boutique window if you would look the other way when we pass near any of the damned boutiques.

Baby, the last time I checked you have dozens of good clothes that are being eaten away by molds because you hardly ever wear them, I guess it’s time you checked them out and brought them out of the closest.

For instance there is that red dress you last wore on valentine day, man, that dress fitted you and revealed your figure and curves in way that nearly make me go crazy and have you right there in the foyer of that hotel I was waiting for you to turn up for our date.

It is time you wore that dress at least for me on any other ‘ordinary’ day, please let next year’s valentine day take care of itself.

Let me not even begin talking about shoes and bags. You just have it all. I could go on but I got to run because am getting late for work and you know this days employers are just looking for a slightest excuse to lay off employees.

Just to sign off, baby I pray you will understand that I am not changing to be a mean person and would support me in my small mission to ensure that the bills that there is no way they can be escaped are paid and in time.

Yours faithfully,


When the money goes.. will the honey stay??
Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl


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