Funny like Ha Ha?

I personally love to laugh, cause nothing feels better than a good gut busting funny

I like clear and straight funny jokes.. easy to understand and laugh at

Probably because I'm more of a say what u mean and mean what u say I'm too busy of a girl to be dissecting and translating words especially when they come out in sarcastic jokes..

Are sarcastic jokes funny? Or are they just rude?

Nothing irks me more than insulting jokes....

I'd like to take a vote, everyone who finds these retorts funny, say I, those opposed, say Nay

There is a couple I know where the husband depending on what his wife asks him to do will respond with a effe u to then laughs or says whatever bitch then laughs before going to commence his chore.

The wife thinks its completely normal and ok for him to speak to her like that, she says its how he shows affection, like his way to joke with her, it used to offend her in the beginning but now she evens responds back with whatever nigga! Effe off...

How do you learn to accept such language? Doesnt she feel disrespected every time those words were uttered, what will she do when she has children? Will this still be considered loving and affectionate?

Where is my guest psychotherapist Lisa Jones?? Lisa is that normal or a healthy way for couples to communicate?? Is it productive to be rude and degrading to one another? What kind of future can this couple expect for themselves and how will their future children feel about their language choices??

To me it's just disrespectful and adding a laugh to the end doesn't somehow make it comical....

would he speak to his mother or grandmother like that ? No? why?
He probably respects honor and cherishes them.. So why not u? If he respects u less and u in turn accept it on top of that what does that say about your own self esteem?!

Ladies if u have a man who speaks to you like this, nip that in the bud ASAP You deserve better, more respect, especially if u are a mother! want him to be a better man? Raise your standards!

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