TRICK or TREAT.. Offenders??

Sometimes we all walk around in our own worlds totally oblivious to what or who is around us. We strut while thinking, whats for dinner, worrying about our education, our finances, and our looks. But did you know there could potentially be someone out there constantly watching you?

There are 1181 of them in Brooklyn right now, 587 in Manhattan, and 903 in the Bronx. They walk next to you on the street and sit next to you on the subway.

They may even work in the building you work in or live on your street.

Who I am talking about?

Sex Offenders.

Halloween is this Saturday so a lot of news stations have put out resources for parents like me to know where the Sex Offenders are in their neighborhoods so they DON'T let their kids go TRICK or TREATING there.

The sex offenders names, addresses, work addresses are all there. It gives you the details about their crime, how long they were incarcerated, WHETHER THEY ARE A REPEAT OFFENDER, whether the offense was against a child, teen, or adult and I will tell you honestly, I almost fainted when I saw the Brooklyn map!

So can I even take my kids trick or treating at all???

Now I'm not putting this out there to cause an all out hysteria, some of these offenders could have paid their debt to society and are moving on with their lives, but this is more to put you all on notice like look watch yourselves ladies, and watch your CHILDREN, on Halloween and EVERYDAY!!

Don't think that just because Channel 5 reports there is a serial rapist on the loose that that's the only time you need to be concerned. According to this information, you need to be on alert DAILY!

How do you guys feel knowing there are so many in our neighborhoods? Potentially just steps away from where our kids go to school!

When I was in Junior High, there was a man who would park his car in front of our school and masturbate. The first time we saw it we all laughed, and I don't think any of us told our parents.

The second time we saw him we just walked the other direction and told our parents, who reported it to the school. The third time this man followed me and my friend in his car for blocks throughout CLINTON HILL. We got so scared that we stopped in a store to call the police. He sped off! Thankfully he was later caught arrested and we both were able to positively ID him in a Police Line-up. I'm not sure what happened to him after that, but hopefully they put his ass behind bars!!!

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
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