Don't be scared ladies!

70% of black women are SINGLE... Don't you ever sit back to wonder why???? Yes of course it could be because a ton of black men are gay, dead, in jail (how stereotypical of me), or with women of other races, but tell me ladies isn't there a slight possibility that it's because a black man just doesn't want you??????

I don't think I have ever met a person who didn't think they were the sh#$, for the most part every black woman in Brooklyn alone thinks she are the prettiest, flyyest, smartest, perfect thing moving... with the best outfits, hair, and "cookies"...

ummmmm Reality Check... thats effing impossible for it to be every single one of you....DUH!

We allllllllll have flaws.. and some of those ladies running around tooting their horns the loudest really need to go sit down somewhere.

So where do I think the problem stems? Why are black women are green with envy when they see a Caucasian woman walking around with a black man, or another black sister living out her Huxtable fairytale with her black man???

I think black women have a major problem SUBMITTING.

yeah I said it.. and what!

A lot of you walk around with this "a man needs to kiss the ground I walk on before he gets anything out of me" attitude that just turns brothers off ladies..

Sorry to be the one to break it to you, but seriously, the men are sick of the pompous shit.

This independent woman era needs to hurry up and DIE. Because thats why yall asses are so lonely..

Yall keep on listening to Beyonce.. guess what?? Beyonce already got her man!!!!

There is nothing wrong with working and holding down your own fort.. but to flaunt it in a man's face is not only annoying but I think thats a surefire way to make a man feel degraded.. Keep it humble ladies and when a man comes into your life if he wants to get the check LET HIM get the check.. stop fighting to be this superwoman rock star who doesn't need anybody.. if you use the POWER OF SUBMISSION like the video below will tell you.. thats when you can have HIM, a MAN, ANY MAN, eating out of your pretty little hands.. and that is what you need to be working on harboring..

Figure out how to be a submissive woman and you will have a man that wants to be with you for a lifetime TRUST ME

NO that doens't mean u let him walk all over you, talk to you like a streetwalker, treat u like a slave and beat u up.. smh.. men who take advantage of a submissive woman should be crucified..

But a good guy, one who really wants a good woman to appreciate, will love, honor, cherish and worship a woman who is genuinely submissive.

So what does it take? Save that superwoman rockstar crap for WORK ONLY, but be a submissive lady at HOME, GET DOMESTIC!!! cook, clean, wash clothes, iron, get him juice, give sex on demand, only wrap your hair at bedtime!!!! Wear short shorts, leave him alone when he's watching the games except to bring him beer and a sandwich, be affectionate, tell him you love him, hug him, kiss him, make him feel special, and then sit back and watch all that he will do for you!¬e_id=154731774260#/video/video.php?v=312006370416&ref=share

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl


Shahidah's Fuchsia said...

I left a response to SUBMIT TO HIM at this page ===>

The Wickedest Time said...

As an independent woman I understand what you're saying but lord knows I can't and will not submit to a man who isn't worthy of being submissive to. I seem to come across too many worthless black men - i might have to suck it up, step out of this pool and step into another because black men have no idea how to be a MAN or how to treat a lady like a lady.

The black community has too many single mothers, too many fatherless children and too many children created out of wedlock.

It's impossible for a mother to teach a boy how to be a man.

I can be submissive, I can be a nurturer and I can be domesticated - for a matter of fact, I would LOVE to be a housewife.. but whats the percentage of black men that can afford one?

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