Submit to Him Part II

Friday after my blog a lot of ladies responded Carrie this is good advice, but a lot of guys are not worth submitting to.. so for them I promised a part 2 and here it is...

ahem.. Ladies the men not worth submitting to, don't submit to them.

But seriously, is this a trick question? If he isn't worth submitting to then why are you in a relationship with him? or even considering him enough to even mention that?

Could the deeper analogy be that he could be worth submitting to but you are only looking at his exterior right now?

Are you expecting him as a base model man to come with all the bells and whistles of an upgraded luxury vehicle... let me tell you something ladies those men are few and far between and if that's who you are waiting for don't hold your breath because you might pass out before one is available..

For a woman to be willing to submit a man all he should have to be is the base model....

Today I agree with Beyonce in the fact that women can UPGRADE a man.. (fellas don't shoot)

A lot of ladies will consider this settling.. but that's another huge misconception.. all things worth having take hard work.. not jump in and go!


and until you do, you will walk away from any and every good base model man, wanting to only hop in and drive off with a luxury dude.

If you find a man who is clean, respectful, works hard, has a relationship with whichever GOD you serve and is willing to love you "his submissive woman" everything else can be added, like a bell and whistle on a car.. You will be able to CUSTOM MAKE your Luxury man..

Let's take a survey... Men: would you rather drive a dealers car off the lot or wait a few weeks for them to deliver your car? The one where you picked the color, the interior, the stereo, the wood grain, the sunroof???

Most guys will take the latter, but often financial constraints will force them to pick the former..

So in essence, driving away in a dealer made luxury car is settling.. personally upgrading the base model is where the real value is at!!!!!!

To flip this scenario on men.. Umm that ready made luxury brother will be less valuable to you and less treasured than the base model dude who is now a luxury dude with your help! People respect things more when they have to work to help create them themselves..

It's like a kid who's parents buys them every pair of Jordans compared to the kid who saves his allowance to buy his first pair ever.... The saver kid will value, and take better care of his Jordans.. the other kid will know if they get jacked up it won't matter he will get more next month..

I mean think about it.. how much can you trick out an already tricked out dude?? he's already set in his luxurious ways and will be looking for a easily replaceable luxury model himself when you get out of tune or your paint chips..

But a base model man who worked on your engine, washed and waxed you by hand, will do everything in his power to keep you running even when everyone else tells him to junk you and buy the upgraded model!

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl
Men may choose to be with a woman but ONLY a woman can accept and choose to be with him too. We hold the power ladies.. The responsibility is ours.. bet you thought this was going to be a blog on how a man should behave to get a woman to submit.. HA! A man doesn't really do anything but be himself.. It's a woman's choice to submit or not to submit. Plain and Simple.


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