Put a Ring On IT!!!!!

I love chatting with my girlfriends or watching talk shows to hear the crazy things us women talk about.

So as I try to get people to shake their materialistic capitalistic demons!!! It's time to delve into another topic... THE RING

It came up the other day and with a strong conviction my girlfriend said, my ring better cost at least $15,000 be at least 1.5 carats round brilliant cut solataire, d-f color vvs 1.

Well excuseeeeeee meeeeeee!

Are we so materialistic that our emphasis is more on the ring and the wedding than on the marriage itself?

The sacredness and seriousness of Holy Matrimony has been replaced with a circus "ring" of spectators looking for entertainment, a contest attempt to outdo your friends wedding or the last wedding you saw on Bridezillas and a reason to incur unnecessary expenses and debt!

Marriage has become such a spectacle where throw in the towel and get divorced for any and everything reason seem like the only option, instead of the last resort.

What does irreconcilable differences mean anyway?? To me it means that both of you are too stubborn and prideful to BEND, it means you only loved conditionally, not unconditionally, and it means you don't have agape love (http://www.prettyworldinc.com/2009/09/agape-love.html)

But back to this ring thing... Women yall are crazy... Whats more important the size of your ring or the survival of your relationship?

Will that ring help you forgive him when he screws up?
Will it remind you of your vow to love him even when he doesnt deserve it?

Love can never be channeled or FULFILLED through a piece of jewelry....

Besides should a man really have to go into debt to propose to you?

How selfish of you!!

Your ring should be as nice as HE can afford, not some crazy standard that you set forth from some TV show or magazine you read! tsk tsk tsk.. where are your priorities ladies?

As a woman you too have a duty to protect your man as much as he is supposed to protect you, and let me tell you, that protection includes protecting his wallet, NOT burning a hole through it.

Lets do some math...

A engagement ring traditionally should be equal to 2 months salary.
Gross or Net? Most people say gross. Your man is then supposed to calculate how long it will take him to save that much...

For the $15000 ring quoted up top that means her man will have to be making $7500 a month or more clearly he needs to earn at least $90,000 a year!!!!

Now if you know your man only makes $50000 why are you trying to break his pockets?? Is that love??

Oh but I'm so valuable as a woman he should want go broke just to propose to me???

Are you effing kidding me???? Get off your high pedestals and come on down to reality ladies, if your thinking on how love and marriage operates is based on how broke a person is willing to go for you, then you are well on your way to divorce before you even walk down the aisle

Elizabeth Taylor has rocked some of the biggest diamond rings in the world, millions of dollars a pop, but we all see what happened to all her EIGHT failed marriages to SEVEN Husbands!

Now, as a red pill swallower, I question everything..Where did this 2 month salary tradition come from?

Surprise Surprise, IT WAS A MARKETING CAMPAIGN FROM DEBEERS JEWELERS IN 1947!! http://www.blacktable.com/bruno031030.htm

So you all have your hearts set, exactly how Debeers wants you too, continually searching and seeking the diamonds from the diamond mines, that they control.. smh..

Knowledge is Power...

I'd rather wear a ring from a crackerjack box..

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirls


Meeka said...

You do have a point there. I know for me, my only request is that I don't have to squint to see my stone. But get this, I come from a different background. As a Muslim woman, I was raised with the idealogy that I had the right to ask for a dowry and that it could be as insignificant as a ring of iron to as substantial as a mountain of gold. Even with that idealogy in place I never wanted to break my future husbands pockets. For those who read that and say wth let me explain. In a true Islamic state where everyone is following as they are supposed to, a dowry is for the wife and not her family. It is not a bride price that goes to her father (that is cultural and has been interwined with the religious factor). The dowry was for the wife to do with as she saw fit and financial protection should the husband not be able to provide for her.

I say all of that to say that most of these women who are putting these big price tags on their desired rings don't have a clue about a dowry. Rather they are just being greedy. If they were looking at it from a dowry perspective maybe they would be cheap in their request because should they want a divorce easily w/out contest the easiest way is to give that dowry back.

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