Material Misconceptions!

what do material possessions represent to you? Do they represent success, wealth, happiness? Does buying them make you feel good? Important? Special? Exclusive? Are they just fun status symbols to buy? Does buying them really give u a status?

I've talked about The Jones before and why we keep trying to follow them even though they don't really exist.. Why does it seem that so many of us wrap up our life with "things" and why do we rate (nice word for judge) people based on the number of "things" they have or don't have?

I was tweeting the other day and someone was complaining about a chick boasting about how much of a bad bi@&# she was in her Louboutins but was only driving a civic... Errr I'm sorry really so how bad u can claim to be is directly linked to whether your car is of the same caliber as your shoes????

There is something neurotically wrong with this logic to me...

First off now that I am older and thank GOD wiser, buying into the status symbols of capitalism is retarded!! I don't care how much Gucci you own that will never MAKE YOU a bad bitch!

If u want it and u like it everyone says BUY it... Not me... I say think about it, cause if Gucci sunk like AIG and ENRON and was only sold at VIM none of you would be lined up to buy it or wear it!!!

We are so brainwashed its sad and yes while we help keep the gucci's louis and fendis in business we are selling our common sense in the process....a gucci sneaker only cost $50 to manufacture, yet you crave an imaginary status symbol so bad that not only do you pay $495 a pair but you buy 2 pairs...the black and the brown

Alrighty then...

The tweeter continued that she is fortunate enough to never have to push a civic or a sentra.... Seriously!!! Its that beneath u?? Do you see how crazy our thinking has become?? Someone out there would be happy to have 2 wheels to get from point A-B let alone 4 wheels while others of us would not be caught dead in a civic?? what?! lol (I really need to start praying for my people!)

Maybe its because i have NO interest in being trendy or being a status symbol...Lets just put it this way, earlier this year i got a louis bag and it will be my first and probably my last......The novelty wore off pretty quick

When I replied she said C'mon Carrie its ok to buy name brand and enjoy the finer things in life...I'm sure you have some name brands in your closet... Sure I do, but NEWS FLASH I understand that the finer things in life cannot be bought in an Italian retail store!!!! And I can also admit that I'm brainwashed by capitalism and want to break free from THE MATRIX!

I swallowing that Red Pill.. who's coming with me?????

Do you live on in ignorance (and construed bliss) or do you lead what Aristotle called 'the examined life'...

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl
EXPERIENCES OVER ITEMS!!! (I'd rather go to Italy than buy Gucci shoes)


MissDivaS. said...

OMG Carrie this is sooo true. I refuse to buy a bag or anything because of the name.Yes I will admit to having some great brands in my closet, but none of them is full price and I am not ashamed in any way to say this. I try to be a part of the bigger picture and wearing italian designer brands wont get me there unless I know that those things dont create or contribute to my happiness. These same italian big name designs get people killed. I am passionate about UNITY, and if this is creating hatred between our own kind, and envy towards others I dont support it. The preconceived notions about name brands is suppressing the less fortunate. Why I say that is because we spend so much of money we dont have to keep up. Why? Its not success, its not advancement, its not education, so why waste frivilous time on something like brands that will never advance a person? We gotta think people. I will never stop crying for my people. We are suppressed and CHANGE needs to come.

Carrie Pink, Modern Day Supergirl said...

I'm going to start praying for our people TODAY.. because the state of our affairs is quite sad!

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