Bringing Sand to the Beach!

So if you haven't heard by now I had a phenomenal time in Miami this past weekend... ; )

Hung out with friends, family and of course, my boo *Hi Papi!*

One person we met there was actually brazen enough to ask my hunni..

"Dog Why did you bring sand with you to the beach this weekend????"

Mind you, I was cracking up so hard when I heard this cause this is the same guy I met on the plane with my sweats on and a ponytail but he was practically stumbling over me when he saw me on the strip later in the day dressed and hair out... He introduced me to his friends who continually asked me all evening am I sure I'm in a relationship....

So obviously this guy motives were not really geared toward making sure my papi didn't have to be tied to me all weekend... but more towards.. damn why is her man here, I want to holla...

lol, is this the motive behind most guys complaints about their boys bringing sand to the beach??? that they have to suffer watching a fine ass girl or even an averages looking girl, shoot a girl period, that they can't touch, be in their midst 24/7 ???

Is it really jealously subconsciously that makes them try to make the sand bringer feel like he is violating mancode?? (haters) Or shame in themselves for not having the guts to bring their own sand too? (manwhores lol)

Do I think a guy should bring his girl on every trip he takes, No, or vice versa for girls No, but if the situation is right and they want to go together why not? Like Miami was a great situation, his friends were there my friends were there so we had time together and time apart.. if there was no one I knew going to be there at some remote trip with just his boys then, shoot, I wouldn't have wanted to go period!

There were tons of couples in south beach this past weekend and single people too and as far as I know we all had fun.. but those single guys and girls whose motives were to smash every pair of swim trunks or polka dot bikini girls that walked by must have had a rude awakening.. but why is that your motive anyway in this day and age? :blank stare:

In my honest opinion, there are benefits of bringing your own sand to the beach!!!

1. shoot u know whats in your sand and know where its been
2. there are no reservations, you can be free if u want cause your own sand isnt going to violate you!
3. at the end of the night you aren't disappointed after making 10 phone calls to see who "available" only to find out everyone on your short list is "busy"
4. in the party u always have a dance partner lol especially for the slow songs.. (who wants to be the lone dude or gurl standing around during the R Kelly tunes??? )
5. if u run out of money your sand will hold u down, try that with someone u don't know..
6. umm if all the "eye candy" u thought would be there ends up looking like "eye sores" you are still good money!


just my thoughts, what you think????

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirl


Jazzynickel said...

LOL Carrie, very entertaining post! I totally agree bringing sand to the beach has it's benefits unless it's sand you no longer want to play with. (Wonder if that's why hubbs kept trying to convince me all them years to go to 'Bike Week' with him -I've never been) ;)

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