The Black List

Have you guys read the news about Teri Woods NYC club experience ?

Teri Woods a well known black author who has written at least 5-6 books, booked a celebration party at the SOHO club, Greenhouse with 175 invitees.. The night of the event all the white attendees were let in and all the black ones (including her family members) were either left on line or turned away.... so I'm sure they weren't 17 year old hoodlums, in fact the article says it was well dressed black doctors and lawyers, other authors and friends who came to support her.

The owner denies the entire thing, but did text her saying he couldn't maintain his clubs image if he let in any 300lb girls...

WOW, like really..

So I mean everyone who parties in New York knows that as a Black Urbanite there are certain clubs you might as well not even waste your time attending....Like Marquis... unless you are the token negro in a sea of milk crew..

It used to be the same at Duvet, Crash Mansion, Bed, Home, Guesthouse, and another whose name is escaping me right now, but its in a Fat Joe song.. until business starts getting slow.. then they take any and every party they can get..

How do you guys feel about this???

I for one am not at all surprised and am glad it has been brought to light.


I remember the first time I ever went to BLVD... The bouncer literally hand picked the women off the line.. He tried to take me but not my friends.. and since I wouldn't leave them I didnt get in either.. Black People were waiting on line for almost an hour while the white people were being spoken to privately by a bouncer and being escorted in..

We all know I never went back to BLVD.. but now I hear every other day there is a black party there.. Guess the recession changes things huh???

Tell me your thoughts..

Carrie Pink
Pretty World Inc
Modern Day Supergirls


Meeka said...

Its a dang shame but we perpetrate it. They act as if our money is not as green as theirs and we allow them to do so. So yeah, they are letting us in their doors but only after teir own kind couldn't afford it and like stupid lap dogs we jump at the chance to party where they do. Personally, if my money wasn't good then it isn't now. My money is the same color as it was then so why try and appease me now?

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