When your woman treats you like a child..

taken from askmen.com adapted by Carrie Pink

I hear a lot of men complain that their girl/ wife is a nag and lectures and treat them like they are a CHILD.. when they are a GROWN ASS MAN.. so here are just some reasons on why she may be treating you like that and what you can do when your woman is treating you like a baby...

1. She has maternal instincts it comes natural for her... especially if she is already a mother...

What to do: When she treats you like a child, you can counteract the negative results of her maternal instinct by acting like a MAN. She is less likely to think of you as a child if you regularly demonstrate that you are strong, independent, and self-sufficient. (sucks for you if you aren't any of these things)

2. That's how she saw her mother treat her father and doesn't even know she adopted it..

What to do: If your girl is starting to display the negative characteristics she has learned from her mother, point it out to her. If she is one of the many women who doesn't want to end up like her mother, this should be enough to set her straight. You could even agree on a quick code word that you can use when she’s throwing a mom fit, like referring to her by her mom’s name.

3. Naturally, another potential reason for her to treat you like a child is because you’re acting like one. It’s no secret that women mature faster than men, so you and she may not be on the same page when it comes to maturity levels. You may want to pull a teenage rebellion fit whenever she tells you something that you don't like... so keep in mind that the more you act like you’re 12, the greater the chance she’s going to pull out her mom look, stare you down, and treat you like you are in fact... 12.

What to do: Grow the effe up and Act your age and the nagging should subside. If you can learn to communicate and rationally explain your behavior or desires, instead of throwing a temper tantrum every time she tells you something, then she can start to recognize you as an equal! Also if, however, you can’t come up with any adult reason for your behaviors, wants, actions, etc, just cut them out.

Whether it comes out as nurturing or nagging, in most cases it comes from a place of genuine affection. If she didn’t care so much about you she wouldn’t bother to lecture you on how much fast food you’ve been eating. Just remind her, calmly and without a confrontational attitude, that you are an adult and fully capable of making your own decisions. Add that you very much value her advice and appreciate her help and you’ll earn major relationship brownie points in the process. Sometimes her reminders are genuinely helpful; try to see them for what they are and don’t overreact.

Now if you are the type of man who hasn't fully matured and you really don't know how to or like making your own decisions, then put your pride aside and stop looking a gift horse full of advice and wisdom in the mouth, and take what she says into consideration, often, dammit!

Carrie Pink
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